The Deflowering of a Blog Virgin

Well, I guess I must be really bored with not much else to do, because after toying with this idea for quite awhile, I have finally taken the plunge. Frankly, I’m a little nervous. Will anyone even read it? And after reading some of the other blogs out there, I feel a bit inadequate. I have no writing background, like some of you. I’m not always witty. But this way I can cast my thoughts upon the cyber-world, and not pester my poor husband all the time.

For my first official rant, I HATE FEBRUARY! Thank God it’s the shortest month of the year! It’s cold, gray, and dreary here today. From the Super Bowl (which I’ll watch though I’m not a big football fan) till the start of Spring Training is the most interminable, boringest (OK, I know that’s not a real word) time of the year. Basketball and hockey just don’t do it for me. Naked brown trees are really depressing. No baseball to watch! The countdown begins…

Alright, that was pretty painless for the first time – hopefully things can only get better! Some random thoughts are popping into my head, but I’ll save them for tomorrow….



  1. juliasrants

    Welcome to MBLogs! Yes, February it a tough month! But pitchers & catchers report in less then 2 weeks – the equipment truck leaves Fenway Park this Friday – and MLB Network is helping to fill the time! I’m so ready to hear Play Ball! Stop by and visit!


  2. rrrt

    Woo hoo! Two readers! Thanks for the warm welcome, and thanks, Jenn, for taking that photo last year. By the way, any idea why a lot of the blogs won’t let me comment on them? It says I don’t have “permission”.

  3. mlbmark

    Best month ever. It is the month that love and baseball collide and make loud noises in the form of a crack of a bat and a thud of a baseball into a catcher’s mitt. OK, maybe not best month ever. But it’s a good month that deserves some love. January, not so much. Welcome to the MLBlogosphere. Welcome to baseball blogging. Welcome to the new world. Welcome to baseball 2009.


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