The Other Brother

According to a recent piece on, the Phillies are still pursuing Nomar Garciaparra as a right-handed bat off the bench. “Cool,” I thought, “for once we can avoid having the Other Brother!”

In the past, it seems that the Phillies have had a knack for acquiring the lesser talent among baseball siblings. For example, Mike Maddux instead of Greg. Jeremy Giambi instead of Jason. Ken Brett instead of George. Frank Torre instead of Joe. Vince DiMaggio instead of either Dom or Joe. Mark Leiter (who in my mind will forever be known as Leiter Fluid for his stellar 5.67 ERA for the 1997 Phillies) instead of Al.

For it turns out that in 2007, the Phillies actually had Nomar’s younger brother Michael in their system. Here he is, playing for the AA Reading Phillies:
IMG_3514.jpgBut Michael is no longer in the Phillies farm system, having been picked up by the Orioles and subsequently the Brewers. So we will now have the opportunity to employ the greater of two baseball siblings, even though Nomar is certainly not the player he once was.

So I say let’s go get Nomar! Let’s break the long and inglorious tradition of having the “other” brother!



  1. Kaybee

    That’s pretty funny how you guys always got the other brother! Actually, that’s pretty sad. Hopefully you will be able to get Nomar this time, and that he will do very well for you! Welcome to MLblogs by the way!

  2. Becca =]

    I love the other brother piece. It’s so true! I actually read a book by, Angelo Cataldi and Glen Macnaw I believe? The Great Philadelphia Sports Debate. They talked about that. It was very amusing and a great read! And thank you for the comment. I’m excited to see if the Phils can repeat too!

  3. Jane Heller

    Very funny post! And thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours. I think it’s interesting that the Phillies have had so many “other brothers.” I actually think Nomar would be a nice pickup. Since he was such a tremendous player not too long ago, I bet he’s still got pop in his bat.

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