Now This Is To Die For!

Or, the Ultimate Show of Fan Support

Well, now I have seen everything. While drinking my morning coffee and scanning the local news section of the Philadelphia Inquirer (I do occasionally read sections other than Sports), I came across a column explaining how you can now be sent to your eternal rest in the ultimate team-supporting style. Sports logo coffins!

phils_casket_nj_500.jpgYou can read the full article here, if you’re so inclined. The article includes a photo gallery of Phillies logoed urns that are also available, as well as options for fans of other sports, or even Star Trek. OK, an urn I can understand – it will be out in the open, on display, to be seen. But the coffin? After the funeral, no one sees it! It will get buried in the ground, or stuck in a vault. I can think of some better things for me or my loved ones to spend several thousand dollars on.

Phormer Phillie Update

Bobby Abreu has signed a one year, $5 million deal with the Angels. From 1998-2006, Bobby was the Phillies right-fielder before being traded to the Yankees. I always felt he was a bit of an enigma during his tenure here – he put up some good numbers and the fans respected his talent, but he didn’t seem to be a fan favorite in the same way as Pat Burrell or Jim Thome (at the time). Maybe because he was rather quiet, or because of his aversion to the right-field wall. I swear it had an anti-Abreu force field around it! Bobby, I wish you well this season as an Angel!


It’s Friday!

So not only TGIF, but the final entry for players sharing names with days of the week. Earlier this week I wrote about Billy Sunday and Rick Monday. There were no players named Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the major leagues (and there won’t be a Saturday either).

There was, however, Skipper Friday, given name Grier William Friday. Skipper had the classic “cup of coffee” in 1923, appearing in a mere seven games for the Washington Senators. But wait! There is also a Brian Friday, who has played in the Pirates minor-league system the past two years. So maybe we will eventually have another big-league Friday to blog about.

‘Til tomorrow, happy blogging!

(coffin photo April Saul, Philadelphia Inquirer; Abreu photo mine)



  1. Jane Heller

    The caskets are funny, aren’t they? I did a post on them before you came onboard here at MLBlogs. Couldn’t believe people would spend money on them, but who knows? And LOL about Abreu’s aversion to the right field wall. When he was with the Yankees I used to laugh every time he’d get close. I will miss him though; he fit right in when he arrived from Philly and was a really good #3 hitter. He took a lot of pitches and always knocked in 100 RBIs. A very good pickup for the Angels.

  2. rrrt

    Hi Jane and Julia! Yeah, we’re apparently a little behind here in Philly. Of course, the Yankees and Red Sox fans just have so many “die”-hard fans compared to us! (yeah, bad pun, it was used in the newspaper article, too) 🙂
    Jane, so true about Abreu – he can really work the count, but it is always an adventure if he has to go near the wall!

  3. metmainman

    Now that is what I call a “die hard” fan! Did you know you can also get cremated and have your ashes put in a container of your team? Or you can have the ashes sprinkled on the infleid dirt.
    The first assignment for the project is UP!

  4. rrrt

    Hi Jenn – yeah, it’s one of those items that makes you realize some people have way more money than they know what to do with – I am not one of them 😦
    metsmainman – personally I think the urn is the better idea – it’s cheaper, and at least people will see it after the funeral. Do they really allow you to be sprinkled on the infield? That would be too cool!

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