No, not the old Stephen King story about some poor guy cursed by a gypsy to keep losing weight ’til he wastes away. I’m talking about the Phillies – specifically Ryan Howard and Brett Myers. According to an article in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Howard has dropped 20 pounds, and Myers has dropped 30!

In fact, at first glance this morning, I thought the photo of Myers was actually Chase Utley. Mind you, he was only showing from the waist up above the fold of the paper. Then I flipped it over to read the caption, and thought, “When did Utley get that big tattoo on his leg?” I was actually kind of shocked to see it was Brett. Kudos to both of them for working their butts (and waists) off to get ready for the season.

I’ll be very interested to see how their newfound sveltness affects their performance to start this season – Ryan so far in his career has been a notoriously slow starter, and Brett’s poor start last season got him sent to the minors to get straightened out. I’ll be sending my positive vibes out to both of them!

Maybe they should publish a diet book together. They could call it “Phight Phlab with the Phillies”. I’d buy it if I could be guaranteed the same results!

(both photos by Eric Mencher/Philadelphia Inquirer) 



  1. Jane Heller

    As I was reading this post, I kept saying to myself, “These guys should do a diet book.” Then I read to the end and you’d already thought of it! I’m sure it would be a hot seller. How DO these guys trim down? I know they work out, but I’m sure diet has a lot to do with it.

  2. rrrt

    Thanks all for visiting!
    Jane – if working out all day was my job too, I probably could drop those extra pounds. 😉
    Wightway – it’s not that I thought they were bad last year, they were good – I hope this makes them even better!
    Elizabeth – so I’m not the only one who thought that!
    Julia – thanks for the heads-up, I’ll have to find a #44 to write about.
    Kathy – I agree with you, I think it can only help.

  3. raysrenegade

    Meyers was talking about losing weight during the World Series on the sideline by the Phillies Bullpen during B P.

    He was chatting that he was not a salad guy and might have to find an alternative solution. Maybe the fact they won the World Series got him into that frame of mind only a championship can give a player. Shape up or ship out. He knows the Phillies have most of their arsenal back in 2009, and why not make a run at two -in -a-row. Worst thing have happened in Philly.

    I was on another website the other day and saw the story about that Phillies fan who got into the best seat behind home plate, then got into the locker room and got a championship t-shirt and cap. And his final slice of video history was going out to the mound with the players and celebrating in the locker room with the team. Wow, can that guy buy me some Powerball tickets next week?

    Rays Renegade

  4. rrrt

    Renegade – Hmm, I wonder what the alternative solution was? It certainly seems to have worked! I sort of recall reading about the guy who managed to get into the clubhouse celebration – wow he sure has some b*lls! I guess if you act like you’re supposed to be there nobody questions you. Don’t think I’d have the nerve to try it though – besides, everyone would know this giddy woman doesn’t belong there! 🙂

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