Please, No Jinx!

Philadelphia’s current favorite World Series MVP, Cole Hamels, graces the cover of this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated (Mike Schmidt, we still love you too, but, hey, it’s been awhile, you know). Here’s a link to the article.

Hamels+SI+cover.jpgLast night’s local news broadcast mentioned that in the article, Cole and his wife Heidi reveal that they are planning on adopting an orphan from Ethiopia whose parents died of AIDS. I admit my initial reaction was one of “oh, they’re pulling a Brangelina”.

hole.jpgIn my mind (which I’ve tried to keep corralled since yesterday, by the way), I started trying to make a nifty combo name for Cole and Heidi, too, but it just doesn’t work very well. Coldi? Hole? Nope, Courtney Love
 already used that for her rock band.

I tried using Cole’s full given name, Colbert.

Aha! Heilbert!

Maybe I’ll give up and just stick to Cole and Heidi.

My husband muttered something about Cole seeming a bit too metrosexual (too well-dressed, not a “manly man”) but after a few moments of thought, decided that as long as he keeps winning games, he doesn’t care.

In fact, after reading the article, it’s interesting to see how much of Cole’s public persona has actually been crafted and honed by Heidi, her theory being that if he’s going to be the team’s ace, he needs to look and act the part of an ace. So, cargo shorts out, suits in.

cole_heidi.jpgSo far, I’d have to say, success doesn’t seem to have gone to his head. By all accounts, he is humble and polite, often going above and beyond the minimum required for an athlete of his stature. The photographer doing the photo shoot for the SI cover stated that Cole was only the third athlete ever (out of 300 or so) to actually show up early for his shoot.

There is also an anecdote in the SI article that takes place at an event where Cole was signing limited edition prints, and a woman with a video camera asked him to record a message for her daughter’s bat mitzvah. After asking what a bat mitzvah is (he was only familiar with the bar mitzvah), he agreed. He could have easily said no, or something to the effect that he was only there to sign the prints, but he didn’t.

So here’s hoping that the SI cover jinx stays away! Cole, stay the way you are, and get out there and win some games! Only 45 days until Opening Day!



  1. redbirdchatter

    I heard Cole say in an interview that his wife is a Cardinals fan. She was crying when the Cardinals won the World Series in 2006. He says to her, “Why are you crying? I play for the Phillies.” Let’s just say…I like her…she has great taste in teams and pitchers!

  2. raysrenegade

    I still remember the fight down here in at Razzles bar and grill in Clearwater, Florida a few years back where a different Hamels showed up. I am so glad he did not become some hot-headed pitcher, and got some composure and went to the top of the heap.

    Most guys would have sulked, but I think that episode actually gave him motivation to prove the Phillies wrong for not inviting him to the big league camp. His path this past year was storybook-like, and he now has the condo in Philly to enjoy his time and relax within eyesight of his office, Citizens Bank Ballpark.

    I am glad he took the high road………even if it cost us a World Series in Tampa Bay……..he deserves the accolades.

    Rays Renegade

  3. rrrt

    Julia – I agree with you, it seems to be the trendy thing to do, adopting children from Africa, when there are so many needy right here in the US;
    Elizabeth – if you knock on wood, I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂 though actually I’m not a superstitious person;
    Kathy – Heidi is actually from Missouri, so I guess that explains her Cardinals fandom;
    Renegade – I remember hearing about that fight when it first happened. I didn’t know much about Hamels at the time, but seeing the person he is now, seemingly mature and composed beyond his years, I’d have to say it seems like an aberration;
    Greg – sometimes I think the jinx/curse thing is purely psychological; if you don’t believe in it you’ll be fine, but if you worry that there is such a thing then your performance probably will suffer. Cole says that he is not bothered by the supposed jinx.
    Thanks everybody for stopping by!

  4. Jane Heller

    I’m sure he won’t be cursed by the SI article, Sue. He’s got too much going for him. It’ll be interesting to watch the Phillies’ rivalry with the Mets, especially after his “choke artists” answer on the radio. Oh, boy!

  5. rrrt

    Jane – I agree, it should be interesting. Yeah, I think some of the Mets will definitely have him in their sights;
    Tom – it’s always refreshing when one of the top players is so down-to-earth.
    Aaron – Thanks! Good luck to your team, too.
    xcicix – I think you’re right, Cole doesn’t seem like one to let superstitions get the better of him.
    Thanks all for stopping by!

  6. rrrt

    Cubfancurt – not sure I understand. Dick Allen was on the cover of SI in 1972, and he won the AL MVP that year. That doesn’t sound like a curse to me!

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