Elbow Optimism

After finishing my latest ballpark quest entry on Wrigley Field, I decided I’d better get off my butt and get a little exercise. Since it’s a pretty nice day here (though still all depressing and brown), I went for a walk.

I must have looked pretty conflicted – I was wearing my Phillies World Series sweatjacket over a Detroit Tigers t-shirt, topped off with a Corpus Christi Hooks cap (it’s a bad hair day).

Anyway, upon my return, I saw an update on Cole Hamels’ elbow. Up till now, I have been avoiding mentioning it in my blog, employing my best “don’t think about it and maybe it will go away” tactics.

The bottom line is that there is no structural damage. There is, however, inflammation, for which Hamels received an injection. He will also not throw for two days. Whether or not he will pitch Opening Day on April 5 is up in the air at this point.

I’d rather see him miss Opening Day but be healthy for the rest of the season. Opening Day is just one game. He will have plenty of other chances to be the Opening Day starter in his career.

Take care of that elbow, Cole!


(Hamels photo mine)



  1. Jane Heller

    First of all, did you really take that picture of Hamels? It’s fantastic! You must be relieved that his injury isn’t serious in the sense that he needs surgery or a long layoff. Missing opening day is a tiny setback. You’ll see.


  2. rrrt

    Thanks Greg! When he is on his game, he is great to watch!

    Jane, yes, I did take that one myself (we had pretty good seats that night). I agree, Opening Day is just one game, there’s 161 more to go. Rather see him take the time to clear the problem up now, than to jeopardize the season.


  3. rrrt

    Julia – thanks for the compliment!
    Melissa – that would be my dream job! Too bad I didn’t find this calling years ago, instead of majoring in something totally irrelevant to my life today. If only I could travel back in time…

  4. rrrt

    Thanks, Babu and Canuck! In today’s newspaper, Hamels sounded optimistic about his chances of being ready, but also realizing that if he is not, it is better to miss a start or two and be healthy for the rest of the season. It sounds like Brett Myers is a possibility if Hamels is not ready for Opening Day.

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