20 Stadiums in 20 Days – Network Associates Coliseum

After taking in two games at beautiful Pacific Bell Park (now known as AT&T Park), on July 22, 2000 we ventured across the Bay Bridge to Oakland and the home of the A’s, Network Associates Coliseum.


The exterior of this stadium would have to rank as one of the most unappealing I have seen. Once we got inside, I thought it wasn’t so bad. At least it had real grass! Keep in mind that at this time, the Phils were still playing on the nasty artificial surface of Veterans Stadium, so any stadium with real grass was a step up in my book.

The view from inside the stadium is, unfortunately, non-existent. This is because in 1996, after the Raiders moved back to Oakland, a large monolithic seating area was constructed in the outfield. This structure has been dubbed “Mount Davis”, after Raiders owner Al Davis.


Prior to this, trees and in the distance, mountains, were actually visible beyond the outfield, as seen in this picture I scanned from the book Take Me Out To The Ballpark, by Josh Leventhal:

oakland.jpg(photo credit: Michael Zagaris)

[fun fact: the book is shaped like a ballfield, which is really cool, but makes it hard to put on a shelf]

Product Details

On this day, the A’s were playing the Anaheim Angels, who had not yet changed their name to the much more long-winded Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. On the mound for the Angels was Brian Cooper, and making his major league debut for the A’s was Barry Zito.

zito.jpgZito would hold the Angels to one run through five innings, giving up two hits and striking out six, but also walking six. Two of the walks and three of the strikeouts came in the top of the fifth – the Angels walked, singled, and walked to load the bases with nobody out. With the heart of the order due up next, it looked like trouble for Zito. No problem! He struck out Mo Vaughn, Tim Salmon, and Garrett Anderson to escape unscathed.

Ben Grieve hit a grand slam for the A’s, and Miguel Tejada also homered, as the A’s went on to win, 10-3. Troy Glaus went deep for the Angels. Zito got the win (his first), and Cooper the loss.

Here’s another photo from the game, though I’ve never been able to figure out which A’s player that is sliding back into first (he was safe):


As is typical of corporately named stadiums, this one changed names as well, to McAfee Coliseum, though it now seems to go by the name Oakland-Alameda County Colisuem (at least it does on the A’s website). Well, if that’s the case, then there will be no confusion as to where it is!

After this trip, our quest would go on another hiatus, for the birth of child number two. When next we resume, we’ll visit SkyDome in Toronto (though I think this one has changed its name too – aargh!).

(all photos mine except where noted)



  1. raysrenegade

    I still can not believe they still play in that pit.
    It was one of the worst places to play in football in the 80’s, and it still has the same feel to it now.
    I have been to the stadium a few times and really hope that something can be done for this team to get a stadium, or they will fly north to Portland, Oregon.
    This team will be a huge spoiler this year up until maybe late August.

    Rays Renegade


  2. Jane Heller

    As usual, great pix, Sue. You really should turn pro. (Was that Tejada sliding into second?) I’ve never been to the A’s stadium (whatever it’s called), but I’ve always heard how “unscenic” it is. Sounds like you had that reaction to it. I do think the A’s will be very competitive in the AL West this year and give the Angels something to think about.


  3. rrrt

    Julia – one of the fun things about looking back at the stadiums we’ve visited is seeing the names of some of the player we saw. A real blast from the past!
    Renegade and Melissa – it is truly one of the most unattractive stadiums we’ve seen.
    Thanks Julia and Jenn!
    Jane – “unscenic”, now there’s a good euphemism! Thanks for the compliment, too – if I’d known years ago that I enjoyed and was good at photography, I would have never majored in microbiology in college!

  4. mattpeas

    Went here last season and really didn’t mind it. Reminded me of three rivers in the burgh. lots of unused empty space but mostly watched the game from the club level and enjoyed a nice dinner. it was neat that the exclusive level was open to all fans.


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