Opening Night – Well, That Stunk

In my mind, I’m using a much stronger word, but if I put it in here it will probably get asterisked out. So feel free to substitute other words for “stunk”.

After much pregame pomp and circumstance, the defending World Champion Phillies began their quest for a repeat last night, hosting the Atlanta Braves. Brett Myers got the nod for the Phillies, filling in for ace Cole Hamels, who was not quite ready after a brief spring setback with a tender elbow.

brettmyers.jpgIn 2008, Myers was like Jekyll and Hyde. First Half Myers pitched so poorly, he was sent down to the minors mid-season to work out a few things. Second Half Myers came back up to the big club, and pitched superbly down the stretch and in the postseason.

Unfortunately for the Phils, First Half Myers was apparently on the mound the first two innings last night. After retiring the first two batters, F.H.M. allowed a single by Chipper Jones (when will he retire, already!?), followed by a blast into the second deck in right by Brian McCann.

In the second inning, Jeff Francoeur smacked a leadoff homer to left, followed two batters later by another solo shot, this one off the bat of rookie centerfielder Jordan Schafer. No cheapie over the short leftfield flower beds, it went to the deepest part of center. I don’t normally feel bad for the opposition, but ESPN guy Jon Miller kept calling him “Logan” during the broadcast. He did eventually correct himself.

Second Half Myers came back out for innings three through six, but the damage had already been done.

The Phillies’ bats had nothing on Derek Lowe, who only gave up two hits through eight innings. The Phils were able to score in the ninth against Mike Gonzalez, thereby avoiding the shutout, but it was too little, too late. Phils drop the opener, 4-1.

Today is an off day, and it’s probably just as well, because the weather isn’t supposed to be very nice. On Tuesday, Jamie Moyer will face Jair Jurrjens, and hopefully nail down the first win of the season.

(Myers photo by me) 



  1. rrrt

    Toby, you are so right. That pitch McCann hit was just asking to be belted out of the park. I’d prefer not to see anymore of that this season!

  2. Paige Landsem

    F.H.M. is my new favorite acronym! Love it. Also, I definitely noticed how Jon Miller kept calling him Logan! I had one of those moments where I wished I could have jumped through the screen and explained that his name was actually Jordan; but, considering Jon Miller’s baseball knowledge is greater than mine, Logan will have to suffice.
    Good luck to the Phils in the next game! I really like Jamie Moyer so I hope he pulls out a win.

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