New Day, Same Result


After looking totally lifeless in Sunday night’s opener, I had hoped that the Phillies’ bats might perk up a little bit. But no, they looked just as lifeless last night, too. Granted, I usually miss an inning or two in the middle of the game to get my kids to go to bed, so maybe I missed a little hint of action, but from what I did see I am currently underwhelmed.

I was also glad to be watching from home last night, as the temperature hovered around 40 degrees, with a stiff wind blowing. Has Mother Nature not gotten the memo that Spring is here?

Following last season’s M.O., when they did manage to get some baserunners, they were left stranded. 11 of them last night, and not a single one scored. Atlanta won the game 4-0.

Atlanta starters have not given up any runs these first two games, while the Phillies’ starters have given up 8.

Alright, I know, it’s only the second game.

In an effort to not be totally negative today (I’ll leave that to the Philly sportswriters), I’ll mention a few positives. Few being the operative word.

– Raul Ibanez made a great throw from left and Carlos Ruiz made a great play at the plate in the top of the fourth to nail Casey Kotchman to end the inning.

– Ryan Howard made solid contact on two hits, and was robbed of a hit up the middle by the darn overshift defenses always employ against him.

– in four innings of relief, Chan Ho Park, Jack Taschner, and Clay Condrey held the Braves hitless. Taschner, Scott Eyre, Chad Durbin, and Brad Lidge also combined for three hitless innings on Sunday. Maybe we should let the bullpen start the games! 🙂 Ha, just kidding.

The Phillies will get their World Series rings in a ceremony before today’s game. Joe Blanton goes up against Javier Vazquez at 3:05 pm. Please guys, one for the “W” column?

(no photos today, I had to make this a quick entry as I have actual work to do)



  1. Paige Landsem

    I tried to post this yesterday but somehow it didn’t get posted…but to answer your question, I definitely did notice that Jon Miller was calling Jordan Schafer “Logan,” and it drove me nuts as well! As one whose last name is frequently mispronounced, I felt badly that Schafer had to be called by the totally wrong name!
    I also hope the Phils pull out a win for you soon!

  2. Paige Landsem

    I meant to post this yesterday, but an error occurred so I’m just now getting it out there: I definitely noticed how Jon Miller was calling him “Logan” and it drove me crazy! I felt badly for him; mispronunciation is bad enough, but to be called by the wrong name entirely…oh well, I guess even Jon Miller can make a mistake.
    I also hope the Phils pull out a win for you soon!

  3. diamonddiva

    I feel your pain, Sue. The Nationals have gotten off to an 0-3 start. *groan* We started off 3-0 last year, before the season went into the toilet, so maybe that will reverse this time, and the Nationals will go on a wining streak. And maybe I’ll win the lotto jackpot this week. :/

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