Rainy Days and Mondays

Well, I’m going to try not to let them get me down, but when they coincide like today, it can be a bit dreary.

Good news yesterday, though. After dropping the first two games of a four-game series to the Padres, the Phillies managed to pull out a win in dramatic fashion. Down 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth, new Phillie Raul Ibanez hit a walk-off two-run homer for the first Phillies’ victory since last Monday.

Hopefully some momentum will carry into tonight, though Mother Nature would not seem to be cooperating. Last time I checked, the game was still on for tonight, even though current conditions are rainy, windy, and chilly. I’m guessing they’ll try to get it in somehow, as it’s the last game of the series, and the Padres don’t come to Philly again this season.

***Update: tonight’s game has been postponed, with no make-up date announced yet.***

Quite frankly, this is why I almost never buy advance tickets to early spring games. With temperatures in the 40’s, it is not exactly my idea of a good time. I’ll watch on TV from the comfort of my home, thank you.

Earlier today, my mind was wandering a bit, and I was thinking about Padres left-fielder Chase Headley. I’m sorry, but that name cracks me up!

For whatever reason, the first time I heard his name, I thought of that old TV show from the 1980’s with the character Max Headroom. Headley, Headroom, they’re kind of similar. Then, while listening to radio coverage of yesterday’s game, one of the announcers noted that it reminded him of former Phillie Dave Hollins, whose nickname was Headley, due to his big head (this does not refer to his ego, he really has a physically large head).

hollins_headley_headroom.jpgSo do they resemble each other? Yeah, a little bit.

Anyway, my best baseball moment of the weekend had nothing to do with the Phillies. I’m going to use the forum of this blog to have my proud parent moment out there for the blogosphere to read.

My son plays baseball, and in his league the teams are made up of mostly 9- and 10-year-olds (he is 10). At his game Saturday afternoon, he came up to bat with the bases loaded. He roped a liner into the left/centerfield gap, and ended up with a triple! Mind you, he is not blessed with Rollins/Victorino-type speed, he lumbers around the bases more in the vein of Burrell or Howard. Still, it was a thing of beauty! And, his team won, so happiness all around.



  1. phillies_phollowers

    That’s funny…we used the same title :O) Great minds…ya know? Rain sucks. I hope it holds off tomorrow…I am going to get my Ring replica! Have good seats too…will be bummed if it rains for that one :O(
    That Max Headroom dude always freaked me out…weird.
    Have a good one!


  2. neumann12

    Two years ago, I actually bought tickets in advance to a Padres (ironically)/Nationals game. The forecast was 95% showers all day, so we stayed home because the stadium is a long drive and a metro ride away — figuring we would be able to use the tickets another day. Whaddya know — I turn on the TV out of curiosity to see if the game is on and they’re playing in the rain and got the minimum number of innings in to be an official game. I was furious.
    And I put Sheffield in magnifying-glass type font because I suspect he was one of the other 100+ players not mentioned in the A-Roid leak. πŸ˜‰

  3. Lissi

    Sue- I thought I would respond to your comment on here so I know you got it. JD is my favorite player of all time. I will always love him and I was heartbroken when those batteries were thrown (I was 9, and he was my favorite player, no amount of explanation would ever justify it, esp if it was money). I can not forgive the fans as a whole but I understand that not everyone was involved. So don’t worry I don’t say that all Phillies fans are terrible people. I knew that would get people upset but I will never forgive them for doing that. Sorry. You are fine though. Don’t worry.

  4. diamonddiva

    Aww Sue, that’s great about your son’s triple! You must’ve been one proud mom! As for the rain…ugh…I went to Nats games on Monday and last night, and both had rain delays of at least an hour. I’m either very dedicated or just stupid for going to games when rain was in the weather forecast!

  5. rrrt

    Hey, thanks everybody! When I told my son that I had mentioned his triple in my blog, he got a big smile on his face! πŸ™‚

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