Mid-Week Musings

After Monday’s rainout, the Phillies returned to action last night against the Brewers. Thank goodness I was watching from the comfort of my home, as rain once again entered the picture, causing a 78-minute delay in the seventh inning. I guess Mother Nature just wanted a really long seventh inning stretch!

Anyway, I’m not going to recap the whole game. There are enough other places to go read that.

Suffice it to say that the Phillies bats were swinging last night, to the tune of an 11-4 victory. Yay! Jamie Moyer got the win, and Pedro Feliz hit his first homer of the season.

The Brewers lost despite the best efforts of Ryan Braun, who drove in all four Brewer runs, going 5 for 5 with two home runs. Since the Phils won, I will say “good job, Ryan” but please don’t do it again, unless it’s against the Mets :-).

While watching the game, I couldn’t help but notice Prince Fielder and his baggy pants. I am not a fan of the “pajama look” when it comes to baseball players.


I couldn’t find a photo that showed the true bagginess of his pants, but this one comes pretty close. There’s no disputing the fact that Prince is a big boy; does he think the loose pants disguise that? I’ll bet I could fit three of me in those pants! (after he gets out, of course)

Funny non-Phillies photo that was in this morning’s paper, of Daniel Murphy being tagged out by Yadier Molina:


This one just screams out for a funny caption. Hmm, let’s think a moment…

How about, “Hey, Murph, your fly’s open, let me help you!”

Or, “Let me adjust your cup, it got a little cockeyed while you were running the bases.”

Leave your funny caption as a comment, and I’ll mention some of the best in my next post. Have fun!

(Fielder photo: Icon SMI; Murphy/Molina photo: Bill Boyce/AP)



  1. juliasrants

    “Could you check and see it the stitching is holding? I had to stitch it on the fly before the game!”

    ‘I don’t think this is how they do it in pairs skating”

    And because I really can’t help myself 😉 …..”Nope, my cup is bigger then yours”

    Great photo Sue!


  2. Jane Heller

    Yikes. There are many captions that come to mind, but none of them is G-rated! As for the baggy pants look, that photo said it pretty well. Sabathia wears baggies too and they flare out when the wind blows, making them look like a skirt (sort of). I guess it’s more comfortable for the Big Guys.


  3. raysrenegade

    I think the Phillies and Rays jinxed themselves with that last two-game series in Citizen Bank Park in first week of April.
    Ever since then they have both seemed to be running on 7 cylinders.
    Hopefully the nightmares will clear soon for both teams and the wins will come in again

    Rays Renegade


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