Sweep Up The Dead Fish!

Woo hoo! What a weekend for the Phillies in South Florida!

After coming from behind with a ninth-inning rally on Friday night, the Phils pulled it off again on Saturday, tying the game in the ninth and then going ahead in the top of the tenth by a score of 6-4. Brad Lidge came on in the bottom of the tenth, and while somewhat shaky, held on for the save. I had to listen to all this on the radio while driving, as we had been visiting with out-of-state friends who were in the area for the weekend. The combination of Lidge loading the bases with two outs, and concentrating on the road at the same time, is a bit more stress than I need! Thankfully disaster was averted – the Phils won, and we arrived home in one piece. 🙂

In contrast, yesterday’s victory was a good old-fashioned butt-whuppin’ which the Phillies won in dominating style. Jamie Moyer continued his mastery of the Marlins, getting his third win of the season. Lifetime against the Fish, Moyer is 12-1!

Things weren’t too far out of hand for the Marlins through the first six innings, with the Phils up 4-1. But then Marlins relievers Hayden Penn and Kiko Calero gave up 7 and 2 runs, respectively, to put the Phils up 13-1.

With the game out of reach, the Marlins decided to save their pitchers, and brought in outfielder Cody Ross to pitch the top of the ninth. To his credit, he retired the side without giving up any runs, giving up only an infield hit to Jayson Werth. The Marlins scored once in the bottom of the ninth, to make the final score 13-2. Phils win!

OK guys, enough of the come-from-behind nailbiters. Let’s have a few more blowout games like that, please!

The Marlins have now been swept in successive series by the Pirates and the Phillies, and dropped to an 11-7 record. The Phillies improve to 9-8, and are now in second place, 1 1/2 games behind the Marlins.


Is Cody admiring the new-found talent in his hands, or just thinking that he needs a good manicure? Enquiring minds want to know!

Up next for the Phillies is a three game set with the Natinals/Nationals. My husband is going to the game tonight, as he and his partner were invited by a client. I, on the other hand, will be watching on TV as I try to put up with this unseasonable heat for just a little longer (I admit to just a wee bit of jealousy). Things are supposed to cool off by Wednesday, and I can’t rationalize turning on the AC for just two more days, in April, no less! So after the kids are in bed, I will retreat to the subterranean coolness of my basement (finished), with a refreshing gin and tonic in hand.

(photo by me)



  1. juliasrants

    It was a GREAT weekend of baseball all around! WHOO HOOO! And you know there is a good joke in there on the looking at the fingers…..and I hear you on the AC! We have one more day – 90 tomorrow! Yikes! Way to warm for April in Boston!


  2. lovephils

    Was it ever. I enjoyed the Fried Fish I had yesterday. Funny how Fish fans kind of went quiet after Saturdays game. I guess they ran out of excuses for their team allowing the Phils to come from behind and win Friday and Saturday. Yesterday, well that was kind of a one sided game now. When they have to use a position player to pitch, that is pretty pathetic. Lidge is looking good, Moyer looks great. It is just a matter of time till Rollins comes around. While I miss Pat, Ibanez was the best move the Phils made in the offseason.

  3. Jane Heller

    Great series against the Marlins, Sue. (Glad you didn’t drive off the road, btw!) Sounds like the Phillies are clicking now. And not to worry about the heat. I sent it to you from CA, but now it’s turned cold here so you’ll be getting that next!


  4. rrrt

    Julia – yep, what a weekend! Actually, this photo is just cropped from an even stranger vignette – I’ll have to post the entire photo in all its weird glory.
    lovephils – I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of Lidge, what with the bases loaded and all, but Moyer was great! I agree on Rollins, he will definitely get out of his slump soon. And Ibanez! He’s been hot so far! Grand slam tonight! Woo hoo!
    Jane – my family is glad I didn’t drive off the road, too! Though please don’t send more heat my way this early in the season – I’m not mentally ready for it yet. 🙂

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