Phils Win in Grand Fashion

In last night’s 13-11 victory over the Nationals, the Phillies hit not one, but two – count ’em – two grand slams. It’s only the fourth time in team history that two Phillies have hit slams in the same game.

Ryan Howard deposited the first one in the ivy in center field in the fifth inning, to tie the score at 6-6. Each team scored once in the seventh, but in the top of the eighth, Scott Eyre came in and absolutely stunk it up. Eyre gave up four runs without recording a single out – his ERA is now a dismal 10.80. Nats are now up, 11-7.

But did the Phillies give up? No! They recorded 6 runs of their own, capped off by Raul Ibanez’s own slam to put the Phillies up 13-11. Ryan Madson pitched a scoreless ninth to get the save.


Happy stuff

– If nothing else, we’ve learned never to count the Phillies out, even when they’re down late in the game. Other than Sunday’s comfortable win, all their victories have been of the come-from-behind variety.

– Jimmy Rollins is on record in this morning’s paper as stating that “I’m ready to hit .400 for the next month.” Is that a prediction, Jimmy? His powers of prognostication seem pretty good, having accurately called the Phils the team to beat in the NL East in 2007, and calling for 100 wins in 2008 (103 including the postseason). The Inquirer also managed to unearth one from 2005, when Jimmy stated he would hit .400 for the month of September, and then went out and hit .402 for the month with a 36-game hitting streak. Hmm. Maybe I should have Jimmy pick a few lottery numbers for me. 🙂


Not so happy stuff

– Brad Lidge is experiencing swelling in his right knee, and was unavailable last night. Is this why Lidge has looked a bit shaky so far this season? Let’s hope it clears up soon, and Lidge returns to his 2008 form.

– Pity the poor Nationals. They hit five home runs last night, scored 11 runs, and still lost the game.


In case you were wondering

The other three grand slam combos in Phillies history are:
1921 – Ralph Miller and Lee Meadows (never heard of either of them)
1997 – Billy McMillon and Mike Lieberthal (Lieby! I remember him)
2003 – Tomas Perez and Jason Michaels (Tomas’ only career grand slam!)


Photo fun: something fishy going on

Yesterday’s photo of Cody Ross examining/admiring his hands is only part of the unusual tableau I captured during pre-game warmups a few years ago at Shea Stadium. Here it is in its full glory:


Do we really want to know exactly what’s going on here? I’m sure there’s a funny caption lurking here, too. Share your best efforts in the comments!

There’s also a second strange photo from this same game, which I’ll include tomorrow. Gotta keep ya coming back, after all!

(photo by me)



  1. rrrt

    Hi Emma! Lying, laying, I could never remember the distinction. Anyway, #24 is Miguel Cabrera, who has since been traded to the Tigers. No idea who is under him! 🙂

  2. Paige Landsem

    Great picture. It’s so random that I don’t have a caption…yet. Glad to see Ibañez hit a Grand Slam. He’s one of my favorite players, and I’m still bummed I won’t be able to see him in Seattle, but I love that he’s helping out the Phils! Also, baseball seems to be working out just fine for Jimmy, but perhaps his next career could be as a psychic?

  3. Jane Heller

    Two grand slams! I’d settle for one in tonight’s Yankees-Tigers game. Check that. I’d settle for a win, period. As for the pic, I’m thinking you have a career in “adult photography” – a whole new field for you, Sue!

  4. rrrt

    Paige – Ibanez has been great for us so far! I just hope he can keep up the good work. BTW, how do you get that little squiggly thing over the ‘n’? No idea how to do that on my keyboard.
    Jane – I hope your guys start winning soon, I’d certainly hate to be in the path of an angry She-Fan! 🙂 If you think that photo is odd, the other one I mentioned, taken moments before this one, is equally inexplicable. I’ll post it tomorrow!

  5. juliasrants

    “Look – we all agreed to have manicures and you are not backing out!”

    (The rest might not be suitable for a “family friendly site”!)

    Two grand slams? Congrats! Don’t you love it when our teams don’t give up!


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