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Should Chan Ho Get The Heave-ho?

On Friday morning, I asked the Phillies to go out and kick some Met butt that night. Apparently none of them read my blog, and therefore did not get the message.

Chan Ho Park had a crappy start (the wrap-up on phillies.com generously called it “mediocre”), giving up 7 runs on 8 hits and 6 walks, with only one strikeout, all in the span of 4 2/3 innings.

chan ho park.jpgSo far this season, in four starts, his record is 0-1 with an 8.57 ERA. The only reason his won-lost record isn’t worse is because the Phillies came from behind to actually win in his previous three starts. But you can’t count on that happening every time.

Kudos to the bullpen for pitching scoreless baseball the remainder of the game.

I know he pitched great in spring training, beating out J.A. Happ for the fifth starters spot, but when will we see some quality pitching from Park when it counts? On Wednesday, Park is scheduled to pitch against the Mets again, this time at Citi Field.

So far, there have been no discussions on removing Park from the rotation. According to Rich Dubee, quoted in this morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

“He’s getting the ball,” Dubee said. “We’re confident.”

Well, Mr. Dubee, I’m glad you are, because I’m certainly not. Then again, you’re the pitching coach, and I’m certainly not.

A “Walk”-off Win

OK, Saturday was a new day, and another chance for the Phillies to kick some Met butt. But instead of the Mets getting their butts kicked, I saw the Mets getting their butts slapped:

butt slap.jpgRamon Castro is congratulated by third-base coach Razor Shines on a solo home run. [Why the butt-slap? Would it be so hard to give a congratulatory hand-slap, back-slap, or shoulder-slap?]

This is not what I meant, guys!

Yes, the Phillies did get the win, eventually. They jumped out to an early lead against Oliver Perez, who gave up 4 runs in just 2 1/3 innings. It’s so nice to see other teams get crappy starts from their pitchers, too. Jamie Moyer pitched well for the first five innings, but then things came unraveled in the sixth, allowing the Mets to tie the game at 5 runs apiece.

The score remained tied through nine, but in the bottom of the tenth the Phillies loaded the bases. Shane Victorino then drew a walk from reliever Sean Green to “drive” in the winning run, for a 6-5 Phillies victory.

Not exactly a butt-whipping, but I’ll take it.

Here Comes The Rain Again

The deciding game of this three-game set ended up being postponed due to rain on Sunday. Blech! No date has been announced yet.

CBPtarp.jpgIt’s Monday morning now, and it’s still raining. As the heading for this section is also the title of a Eurythmics song, here are a few of my other favorite rain-themed songs:

     “Rain” – The Cult
     “Purple Rain” – Prince
     “Fool In The Rain” – Led Zeppelin
     “It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls
     “Mary Sunshine Rain” – Dada

Hope at least some of you are having a sunny day today.

The Phillies are in St. Louis tonight, taking on the Cardinals. Please, no rain!

(first two photos by Tom Mihalek/AP; CBP photo from AP)



  1. Jane Heller

    Wasn’t there a song called “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics? Or was it called something else? Anyhow, the rain needs to stop in the northeast! Sounds like a stationery front though. You’ll probably get your game in, but Yankees-Red Sox is doubtful.


  2. rrrt

    Jane, you must have been reading too fast – I did mention that it was a Eurythmics song. πŸ™‚ The rain is supposed to continue today and into Tuesday. The Phillies are out of town, but seeing that New York is not that far away, it may be pretty wet there too. I’m kind of looking forward to the outcome of part 2 of Julia and Scott’s little wager.

  3. juliasrants

    “I’m Singing in the Rain” and I think Jane is right on the Eurythmics song. I hope we don’t have the “rain blues” the next two nights; the weather is not looking good for the Red Sox-Yankees series.


  4. raysrenegade

    I actually liked that other guy, J A Happ during Spring Training for the fifth spot.
    That is the problem with that fifth slot on almost any team this year. It is either a golden arm or a dud, with no slack in the center.
    The Phillies are beginning to heat up a bit, and hopefully Chan Ho is just a late bloomer. If not, you know Happ or Kyle Kendricks are itching for a shot.

    Rays Renegade


  5. Kaybee

    Yeah, it’s a gorgeous day here in San Diego, not a cloud in the sky, a perfect breeze…oh sorry πŸ™‚ I don’t remember Park very well from his Padres days, but seems like he hasn’t been doing the best lately.

  6. carolmwl

    Heh, very funny…..butts kicked vs butts slapped. =)

    Yeah, Chan Ho Park doesn’t leave me confident either. Not even a little bit.

  7. rrrt

    Jane and Julia – I see the Yanks and Sox did get their game in last night. I guess Julia is the happy girl this morning; Jane, I hope you didn’t have to bury another pen!
    Renegade – I’m not so sure about Chan Ho. Other than last year with the Dodgers, his ERA hasn’t been below 4.00 since 3.50 in 2001 (4.81 being the lowest in that span). I hope they give Happ a shot soon.
    Kaybee – hmm, thanks. It’s still rainy today too. “Hasn’t been doing the best” is an understatement. πŸ™‚
    carolmwl – thanks for stopping by! I don’t think any of the Phans have confidence in Park at the moment. I guess it’s good that Dubee does.

  8. phillies_phollowers

    Here’s a few more for ya: Fire & Rain (James Taylor), Singin’ In The Rain (Gene Kelly), No Rain (Blind Melon), November Rain (Guns & Roses), Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage), Who’ll Stop The Rain? (CCR)….geez, who knew there were so many??
    And I think you know my stance on Park – he’s gotta go!


  9. diamonddiva

    More rain songs: “Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain” (Herman’s Mermits), Rain on the Roof (Lovin’ Spoonful), “I Can’t Stand the Rain” (from the ’70s, don’t know the artist), “I Love a Rainy Night” (Eddie Rabbit), “I Made It Through the Rain” (Barry Manilow), “It Never Rains in Southern California” (from the ’70s, don’t know the artist), and “Kentucky Rain” (Elvis Presley). Yes, they’re all old songs…I’m old too! 😦 And right now, I can really relate to “Who’ll Stop the Rain” and “I Can’t Stand the Rain”!

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