Myers’ Hip Not Feeling Too Hip

There seems to be a plague of hip problems around the majors leagues. Mike Lowell, Chase Utley, Alex Rodriguez, Alex Gordon, Carlos Delgado . . . all have undergone the knife recently for hip injuries. Brett Myers may be joining that list soon. Myers had an MRI which revealed fraying and a possible tear of the labrum, and is planning to get a second opinion before making a final decision.

With so many hip issues flying around, sometimes I think we’re talking about a kennel full of golden retrievers and German shepherds, rather than a team of baseball players. Maybe they could have avoided problems by taking this:


Oh, wait a minute … that is for dogs. How about this instead:

nuknees.jpgThe label says it’s good for shoulders and hips, too.

Speaking of Brett Myers, his hip began bothering him during Wednesday night’s loss to the Marlins. After taking two of three from the Yankees (and really, it should have been a sweep but for Brad Lidge’s implosion on Saturday), the Phils dropped two of three to the Marlins. Aaargh. Before leaving the game, Myers gave up long balls to two of my least favorite Marlins, Dan Ugly, oops, I mean Uggla, and Cody Ross, who always reminds me of a Christmas elf.


See, don’t you think he looks a bit elfin? (kind of a scary elf, actually)

So, let’s recap. Phils drop two of three to the Fish and fall behind the Mutts Mets, Myers may need surgery, and oh yeah, my husband is going to the game this Saturday (that makes two for him, none for me so far). What can make me smile and chuckle? It’s time for the…

Strange Photo of the Day

How about this picture that was on the front of the Inquirer sports page today?

Kevin Kolb goes through a drill. He enjoys rookie camp because it
provides work normally reserved for the No. 1 quarterback

OK, so it’s football, not baseball. But what kind of drill looks like this? The “end zone celebration” drill? The “I’m about to take a dump” drill? The “shake a tail feather” drill? Is he doin’ “Da’ Butt”? The possibilities seem endless.

Up Next

The Phillies open a weekend series at home against the Nationals tonight. Though on the surface that would seem to be a good thing, given the Nationals’ woeful 13-33 record, for some reason the Phillies often have trouble against them. J.A. Happ will take the mound – if he pitches as well as he did against the Yankees, I’ll be a “happ”y girl. 



  1. Jane Heller

    Where did you find those products? There must be a cream or an ointment for every ailment these days! But you’re right about the hip syndrome. It does seem like it’s the latest body part to get injured around the majors. I wonder if it’s because of the new training programs or what.

  2. rrrt

    Jane, actually I just searched Google images for “sore hip” and those popped right up (along with some really yucky looking stuff, too). It just seems odd that there’s been such a rash of hip problems lately – obviously whatever the trainers are (or aren’t) doing to keep the guys in shape needs to be looked at.

  3. rrrt

    Emma – I know what you mean. Why does it always seem players do better after they leave your team, i.e. Wes Helms in the Florida series earlier this week? One of those things that eternally frustrates me.
    Cat – 12-hour shifts, yikes! My knees and feet are hurting just thinking about that!
    Julia – Considering Kolb had minimal playing time last year and no TDs, he definitely needs work on his touchdown dance!
    Emily – I’m beginning to think the Inquirer has a photo editor with a warped sense of humor like mine; there have been several strange photos of butts and crotches in recent weeks. And Cody would definitely be a South Pole Elf (if you’ve ever seen “Elf” you know what I mean) 🙂

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