Things That Make Me Go “Hmm”

Thank goodness interleague play is over, as the Phillies were a rather disapointing 6-12 against AL East opponents. Did I say “disappointing”? I think “dreadful” might be a better word.

Anyway, today is an off day, and tomorrow they return to action against their familiar NL East foe, Atlanta.

In the meantime, here are a few stray thoughts that struck me over the past week or so.

While paging through the 2009 Phillies Yearbook (one of the goodies that we picked up at last week’s Phestival), I noticed that some of the player profiles included an entry for “Last book you read”. As quite a few of the profiles did not even include this particular item, I can only assume that they haven’t actually read a book in recent memory. I did note that both Scott Eyre and Cole Hamels had the same answer to this one: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.


Huh? Really?

Last time I checked, this book (and its sequels) had a target audience of teenage girls. It is a vampire love story, after all. As they used to say on Laugh-In, “Verrry interesting.”

Speaking of Cole Hamels, a column in the Inquirer last week noted that he and his wife Heidi are expecting their first child, and that it will be a boy. The couple still plans on adopting a child from Africa, with Hamels quoted as follows:

“We’re going to adopt a girl, and it will be great for her to grow up with a brother. They’ll be like twins.”

Cole is apparently using a different definition of the word “twins” than I am familiar with. Nonetheless, best wishes go out to the expectant parents.

Finally, this shout-out goes to Julia at Julia’s Rants, who correctly identified 5 of the 6 lyrical snippets used in my last entry. For the record, the answers are:

“Bakin’ potatoes, bakin’ in the sun…” – Rock Lobster, The B-52’s

“The way the beach is kissed by the sea…” – Love, Reign O’er Me – though I was thinking of the classic version by The Who, this song was also covered by Pearl Jam

“Don’t know much about history…” – Wonderful World, Sam Cooke

“Here comes the rain, here she comes again…” – Rain, The Cult

“You make me laugh, give me your autograph…” – Supersonic, Oasis

“School’s out for the summer…” – School’s Out, Alice Cooper



  1. iliveforthis

    Twins, eh? Hmm…
    I was reading this FML, I don’t know if you’ve heard of that website, but there was one that was like, “today my girlfriend dumped me because she said I wasn’t enough like Edward Cullen. I asked her who Edward Cullen was and she held up the book Twilight. Apparently I’m not enough like a fictional vampire. FML.” Or something like that. Anyway, it was sad… and hilarious.

  2. phi8008

    Just found this blog, and very happy that I did so. Congrats to Hamels on his first child, very cool.

    By the way a bunch of Phillies haters have taken over my blog, they seem to enjoy rating all my stuff one star, where’s the help Phillies fans? Please drop by and show some support!
    Thanks so much and I’ll be sure to keep stopping by here!

  3. thatbaseballguy

    Why is everyone hating on interleague play. I highly enjoy it because I get to watch American League pitchers bat. And I enjoy the abundance of pinch hitting and strategical baseball that they play in the NL.

  4. carolmwl

    Hi, Sue,
    Yes, I’m SO glad interleague play is over.
    You mentioned Mitch Williams in a comment in my blog. I really like him so much. I wish they’d cart Wheels off to….well….would the Mets like to have him? =) and let Mitch try TV.

    No tv commentator has to talk non stop. So I think Mitch would be fun to listen to.

    In fact, Mitch, Franzke and L.A. would be a great mix, I think.
    carol, How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  5. rrrt

    Julia – Strange indeed. Maybe they’re getting in touch with their feminine sides!

    Emily – Wow, that’s harsh, being dumped because you’re not enough like a fictional character. Poor guy!

    Cat – Yeah, the Rockies have been hot lately, hope your guys can beat them!

    Phi8008 – Sorry to hear that! I’ll make sure to leave good comments for you.

    Jane – Hmm, vampires…Yankees. Some might have trouble finding a distinction between the two. 🙂

    Dillon – Although watching AL pitchers bat IS highly entertaining, the Phillies typically seem to not do well (see 6-12 record) against the AL, thus the dislike of interleague play. If that were reversed (12-6) I’d be all for more of it.

    Carol – I enjoyed Mitch when he was doing the postgame with Comcast. I agree, he and L.A. would be an interesting pairing. As a closer, though, he often gave me fits!

  6. phi8008

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and I have to say I had no idea there was such a thing as a Spam Carving Contest at the Reading Phillies, that’s hilarious. I hope you take pictures and let me know how Flande does in his debut, he seems to be the real deal.

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