Dreaded Headwear of Gold

Following his appearance in Tuesday’s All-Star game, Jayson Werth had the rather ignominous distinction of striking out four times last night in the first game of the second half.

golden sombrero.jpgYup, he earned the infamous Golden Sombrero. Jayson, please do not do this again this season!

[Interesting tidbits: striking out 5 times is called a platinum sombrero, and if you manage to strike out 6 times, it’s called a titanium sombrero. This has only ever occurred eight times, and only in extra inning games.]

On a personal note, I seem to be having a bit of a mid-season blogging slump, and it’s going to persist at least through the next week, as we’re headed off tomorrow on a family vacation. Not much blogging opportunity there.

So for now, I’ll leave you with the latest…

Strange Photo of the Week

victorino butt grab.jpg

Just what is Jimmy Rollins doing to Shane Victorino? Seeing if his waistband is stretchy? Getting ready to give him a wedgie? Allowing noxious fumes to escape?

Maybe he’s seeing if Shane could use a little of this:
butt bath.jpg

I’m sure it would leave him fresh as a daisy!

(photo by Ron Cortes/Philadelphia Inquirer)



  1. raysrenegade

    I have a feeling “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” was playing on the stadium PA system and J-Roll was trying to save Victorino from some jeers from the crowd as he wanted to get up there and give it to the crowd for his Final Vote win.
    Or maybe that instant classic, “The Hamster Dance” was playing and he needed some reassurance no hamster would be injured during the dance.
    Who knows, but the eighth straight K is known as a plutonium sombero becuase you are basically radioactive in the batters box.

    Rays Renegade


  2. iliveforthis

    I definitely went through the mid season blogging slump. I finally blogged tonight, ten days later. Well, I’ve heard about a Home Run Derby curse, but isn’t that only for the guy who wins it? And Prince Fielder obviously didn’t have any trouble getting a homer on his first day back, so, not sure what the problem was with Jayson.

  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I seem to be going through a bit of a midseason blogging slump myself. I have a bit of an excuse though– the month away in California. Though upon my return, it took me almost a week to post a blog. My ideas were everywhere! I guess I prefer posting when I want to avoid my homework. Great picture of Victorino and Rollins. I think it’s worthy of a caption contest!

  4. rrrt

    I feel a bit better knowing I’m not the only one in a blogging slump. Although I’m back from vacation, the spirit just hasn’t been moving me this week. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to post some odds and ends from what I’ve been up to lately!

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