Now I’ve Seen Everything…

OK, this is totally unrelated to baseball, but I have just seen the strangest truck accessory ever. As I’m sitting here at my computer, a pickup truck parked in front of the house across the street, and appeared to have something dangling from the hitch, something that looked like it belonged on a person, not a truck.

Since I couldn’t really walk out and take a picture of it discreetly, without looking like some kind of weirdo to anyone who might happen by, I did the next best thing – I googled, and lo and behold, up comes this website:

Egads! Why would anyone feel the need to put this on their vehicle? Compensating for something, perhaps?

I was particularly amused by this line a little further down the page:

We ALWAYS ship a FRee Mini-Keyball and a Window Decal with EVERY order !

Just a little something to keep in your pocket to play with? My mind is boggling at the implications.

Have any of you seen these in your neighborhoods? Or am I hopelessly behind the times?

[I promise to be back tomorrow with actual baseball-related stuff] 



  1. iliveforthis

    OH MY GOD! I have seen that on trucks and I’m like, WHY IS THAT THERE?! I can’t even understand it. It totally grosses me out, although, I do crack up when they’re blue; however, I did seem some that were “flesh” colored and just about threw up… WHILE DRIVING!

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