Weekend of Woe Had Better Be a Thing of the Past

Yeah, it’s Tuesday already, and I’m still so disgusted by the level of ineptitude that was on display during the recent sweep of the Phillies at the hands of the Marlins, that I don’t even know where to begin ranting.

Mediocre pitching…check.

Runners stranded in scoring position with two outs…plenty of those.

Runs batted in with two outs…only one.

Overall lack of power hitting…yep, only two homers in three games, and none by the meat of the lineup.

Sloppy defensive play… that was there, too.

A centerfielder thrown out of the game for expressing displeasure with the home plate umpire, while still in the field… that’s a new one, but there it was.

Since it’s nearly impossible to point the finger at any one player for this disastrous series, I hereby bestow the Big Wienie Award to the entire team.

Thumbnail image for weiner comparison.jpgThankfully yesterday was an off-day. Let’s hope the Phillies got their heads screwed back on straight, as they open a set with the Cubs in the Windy City tonight.



  1. raysrenegade

    You got to admit, it probably gave more than a few Phillies fans ammunition after the Victorino ejection to blast the umpire the rest of the game.
    Still do not see what might have ticked the umpire to that state of awareness of the outfielder’s arms.
    Maybe during an at bat Victorino did, said or motioned something before it……….and he got a delayed thumb.
    Always fun, you never know what you are going to see at a baseball game.

    Rays Renegade


  2. rrrt

    Ginny – Thanks! The first game against the Cubs nearly gave me fits, with Lidge’s seventh blown save, but thankfully they pulled a win out of somewhere. Still not holding my breath though…
    Renegade – Yeah, it seems odd that the ump would be paying that much attention to an outfielder. I only saw bits and pieces of the game, and did not see the actual ejection, so hard to say what exactly was going on. I did get a kick out of the new nickname bestowed upon Shane in one of the write-ups the next day: “Ejectorino”!
    Raysfanboy – Hmm, three Rays commenters in a row IS probably some sort of record on a Phillies blog! Welcome, though, and I’ll be sure to check out your blog too.

  3. rrrt

    Now THAT’s bizarre – my response to Raysfanboy popped in before his, even though I’d obviously already seen it!

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