#@&%@*, Brad Lidge!!! #*&@%!!!

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What you see above is what happens when you actually do this:

BangingHeadAgainstKeyboardStreetSig.gif Banging Head on Computer Keyboard image by TheKen08

There! Just for the record, no foreheads were actually injured during this little experiment.

Now, Brad Lidge, even though I know you’re not reading this, I feel I must vent my frustrations with you.

Note to Brad:

Just because the other team’s closer blows a save in the top of the ninth, doesn’t mean you have to copy him and do the same in the bottom of the ninth! Remember, nobody likes a copycat!

I really don’t want to have to decapitate your bobblehead, like Jenn suggested in a recent post.

But Brad, this is now your ninth blown save of the season!! I know it’s a bit unrealistic of us to expect perfection two years in a row, but nine is a new career high (or should I say “low”) for you.

Please stop it right this instant, or I shall have to resort to drastic measures! Keep in mind, I own a voodoo doll (typographically challenged, but never mind).

voodoodoll2.jpgYou wouldn’t want to wake up tomorrow with a nasty case of Hairy Eaps or Importenci, would you?




  1. rrrt

    Julia – I got this one many years ago in New Orleans. It’s full of typos, some of which are pretty funny!
    Emma – I see this morning that Padilla actually got the win for your guys yesterday. His head can seem to be in another galaxy sometimes.
    Jane – I (and every other Phillies fan) would love to know the answer to those questions. For now it seems they will stick with him, as Madson is not a viable option. It will be interesting to see what happens if Brett Myers comes back and pitches well…

  2. raysrenegade

    I made a joke to a friend of mine who owns a sub shop and is from King of Prussia that the Rays should have claimed Wagner on waivers and traded him and Kazmir to the Phillies for Cliff Lee.
    He liked the Kaz for Lee split, but I did not know the horror involved with Wagner.
    Ledge is like most closer not named Nathan, Hoffman or Rivera. Because he is not a top tier, trained to be a closer guy, he had to learn on the job, and his pressure situations have come in a limited number of years.
    Plus the ego involved in that job is that you can do not wrong, where the good ones adjust and get better.
    the saps just keep trying to throw it down the middle and scratch their heads when the ball sails out of the park.

    Rays Renegade


  3. rrrt

    Jenn – I will be happy to join you in the team-smacking!
    Cat – Join the wondering throngs! It’s the question of the season around here.
    Renegade – Even though Lee had a bad game last night, I’d keep him over Kazmir, as Lee goes much deeper into games. We had Wagner once, and I don’t think anyone would be in a hurry to see him come back. As I mentioned in a comment to Julia, Billy lacks a filter between brain and mouth, and is prone to “foot-in-mouth” disease.

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