The Power of the Doll

In my last post, I threatened to inflict Hairy Eaps upon Brad Lidge by using my typographically challenged voodoo doll, unless he straightened himself out and stopped blowing saves.

hairyeaps.jpgWell, since then, he is two-for-two in save opportunities, with nary a baserunner allowed.

The threat worked!

So I got to thinking, maybe the threat of Hinnis Eebow would be enough to kick-start the Phillies’ recently anemic offense.


And in fact, since voicing this thought at dinnertime (when the Phils were losing 1-0 to the Giants), they have managed to eke out two runs.

OK, it’s a start. How about adding a few more? You don’t want to know what else the doll can give you!

[post-game update: make that three-for-three for Brad, though this time he allowed a single and a walk, and two (!) stolen bases, while saving the 2-1 victory for the Phillies]



  1. devilabrit

    So where was the doll while we suffered in Texas…. you better get it out and fire something up for the visit to DC, cause losing there would be an absolute embarrassment… keep doing the doll thing it was working…:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. rrrt

    Emma – You’re right! I would have thought it would be the other way around.
    Julia – My power must be wearing off, based on this past weekend’s performance!
    Cat – I’m not familiar with the batting gnome; what’s it supposed to do?
    Peter – Yeah, good question. I need stronger mojo! The effects must be short-lived, because nothing much was going right during that debacle.

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