I Have Finally Exhaled

Yes, even though it was fairly certain that the Phillies would reach the postseason, I was somewhat holding my breath the past week or so, given the frequency of poor pitching, sloppy defense, and overall ineptitude that was on display. Yes, I am a pessimist about such things. I think it is genetically coded into all Philadelphia sports fans.

I also hadn’t blogged in awhile. Frankly, I don’t think well when I’m all tensed up.

So I have finally exhaled. Figuratively, not literally. If I’d actually been holding my breath for that long, I wouldn’t be typing this right now, would I? Blood is flowing to my brain again.

The Phillies clinched, then had a big letdown game last night. Oh well. Now we just need to see who our first round opponent will be, the Dodgers or the Rockies. And since they play each other for the final series of the season, it should be interesting.

Introducing Flackmauer

As we are apparently among the minority who don’t have Tivo or some such technology, there we were Wednesday night madly flicking back and forth between the ninth inning of the game, and the start of CSI:NY.

After the clinching and subsequent exhaling, my husband started flicking to the Twins/Tigers game during commercials. I was suddenly struck by the resemblance between Twins catcher Joe Mauer, and actor Eddie Cahill, who plays Detective Flack.


Let’s see what happens if we put a Twins cap on Eddie:


Why, they could be…twins!

Eddie’s even got the sideburns. Then again, a few years ago the Twins gave away Joe Mauer Sideburns as a promotion. Maybe Eddie was at the game that night, too.


(Sports Illustrated photo)



  1. Jane Heller

    Congrats, Sue! Your guys finally did it, so now you can breathe again. LOL. Can you believe we’re into the postseason next week? I still remember when we were all waiting for the season to start and wondering how our teams would do. Should be very exciting (and scary) the rest of the way!


  2. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Oh man, Joe Mauer is a hottie. I accidentally fell in love with him the other night during the Twins vs Tigers series… complete accident, I swear.
    Before the Red Sox clinched the wildcard, I was having my doubts too. I mean, six losses in a row? I was just waiting for Texas to pounce. To be honest, I didn’t like the fact that we were able to clinch even though we lost.

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