Phanta Claus Is Comin’ To Town

This past weekend, the Phillies held their annual Holiday Sale at the Majestic Clubhouse Store at Citizens Bank Park. Saturday featured appearances by Chris Wheeler, Milt Thompson, and Dickie Noles, as well as a tree lighting ceremony. Both days featured photos with Phanta Claus, and a memorabilia sale to benefit Phillies Charities.

We decided to go on Sunday, figuring it would be less crowded. First order of business was getting a picture of the kids with Phanta.


I was hoping that my daughter would be willing to then forego the trip to the mall to see Santa, since (in my opinion) Phanta is much better. But no such luck, as soon as we were done she asked if she could still go see Santa. Aargh – I hate the mall this time of year!

Next, we browsed a room of various collectibles, DVDs, and publications. I bought a Phanta figurine, rationalizing the purchase with the fact that it was a Christmas decoration. The kids both wanted Phanatic bobbleheads, which I agreed to with the understanding that they were part of their Christmas presents (note to self – must remember to get bobbleheads wrapped, and out from under my bed).

One of the Phillies employees manning the bobbleheads was wearing his World Series ring, which he kindly allowed me to get a closer look at, and even try on.


In my excitement at actually putting it on, I never looked to see which way it was facing. Thankfully, as you can see, it was right-side up. Also thankfully, it was really big, so there was no danger of getting it stuck on my finger. Now that would have created a problem!

There were more items for sale (autographed balls, bats, game-used stuff) in the Hall of Fame Club, which normal peons like me never get into. So it was worth looking just for the chance to step inside. Also, they were handing out free chocolate-chip cookies – yum!

The prices, surprisingly, were not outrageous. Some items had even been marked down! I treated myself to a champagne bottle from the NL East clinching celebration (empty, of course, and unfortunately not one of the marked down items). Hey, maybe there is some Phillie DNA on it – still daydreaming about that cloning plan.

One of the bargains to be had was an autographed Adam Eaton baseball for $5. I thought they should be giving those away, so I jokingly asked the girl behind the table if anyone was actually willing to spend even $5 on it. She replied that on the day before, a man bought 5 of them, along with two Eaton caps. When he asked her if she was wondering why he was buying all of them, she replied that yes, she was wondering. He apparently was planning on using them as gag gifts for Christmas. Now there’s a new way to threaten your kids for bad behavior – instead of coal in your stocking, you’ll get an Eaton ball! (poor Adam Eaton – I almost feel bad for him, but it was still pretty funny)

On the way out, we paused for another photo op in front of the Christmas tree, which was currently unlit even though it had blazed into life the night before.


Just a few (well, four) more months until baseball is back at the ballpark. *sigh*

A Little Bit of Actual Baseball News

Not a big splash, but more of a tiny ripple – the Phillies have finished filling out their bench by signing Ross Gload, previously with the Marlins, to a two-year contract. The left-handed batting Gload hit .318 as a pinch-hitter in 2009.

Welcome Ross, good luck as a Phillie!



  1. xcicix

    Nice bling!!
    The Eaton balls remind me of this time I went to the Yankee store (don’t ask) and they had 8 by 10 glossies of Kei Igawa for 2 bucks.
    Memorabilia of a ne’er do well player do make great gag gifts.

  2. rrrt

    Caroline – So, did you end up buying a $2 photo? Even for just $5, I passed on the Eaton balls.
    Jane – Thanks! They were both on their best behavior that day, for some reason. Hoping she forgets about the mall, but I may still have to make that trip. Surprisingly, the ring doesn’t feel nearly as heavy as it looks.
    Jenn – Thanks also – see above about good behavior. As for the ring, yeah, hubby and I were joking about that with the guy it belonged to. I said I probably wouldn’t get too far before being tackled (I’ve never been known for my speed)!

  3. raysrenegade

    I only got to wear a AL Championship ring.
    Seriously that is fantastic that he let you do that and you got an awesome photo to keep forever.
    I could get used to a Phanatic Claus. Might give a lot more toys than the shopping mall Santa and his stale candy canes.
    I know the Phillies still have a few tiems on their “wish list”, and hopefully the stocking will be full before Christmas Eve with their bounty.

    Rays Renegade

  4. rrrt

    Matt – Just a little dusting of snow, and it would be a perfect sight (dusting, not a foot of it!).
    Babu – It IS huge. At the HOF in Cooperstown, there’s a display of all the WS rings, and it’s amazing to see how they’ve grown over the years. I can only imagine how huge the Yankees’ rings will be this year.
    Renegade – Yeah, it was really nice of him to do that. I only asked because I saw that another woman had done so just a few minutes before me, so I figured he was agreeable to it. I hope Phanta can bring the Phillies a little pitching depth for Christmas!

  5. devilabrit

    The Eaton balls would be funny, especially since i do mostly gag gifts these days, yep too stingy for real gifts… Okay gotta ask at the persistence of my wife, which mall? she misses Franklin Mills, I think because she could lose me for hours, or hide from me one or the other…. cool you got to put on a ring….:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  6. rrrt

    Peter – Though I try not to have to go to the mall too often, King of Prussia is the closest major one for us (Coventry and Montgomery might be a little closer, but they’re not as big). Both the Plaza and the Court have really realistic looking Santas (real beards!), but we always end up at the Court as it has slightly shorter lines. I’ve only been to Franklin Mills once or twice, and was absolutely amazed at how huge it was.

  7. rrrt

    Caroline – Thankfully your sister must have a good sense of humor!
    Cat – Thanks! Hope you have a great holiday too.

  8. greg1969

    You got to wear some WS bling, eh? Not only impressive, but I’m jealous! (And it ain’t even my team!) 😉 Nice photos, also, incl. of your kids (they look about my daughter’s age–she’s 12)! The Phanatic Claus is really cool!
    I think you lost out on that pitching depth Santa wish, though…hmmm!…
    We got about a foot of snow in the NC mtns.; perhaps we’ll have a white Christmas with the leftovers!
    Take care, Sue. Have a great Christmas/holiday!

  9. crzblue2

    Your kids look adorable Sue! and that bling! wow! I was the same way when I tried the W.series ring. I did not noticed what way I had it on. For us Tommy Lasorda plays Santa so he doesn’t need much to play the part.

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