I Got Dem Ol’ January Blues Again

The holidays are over, it’s cold outside, I overate so much I wish I could hibernate, and I’ve been MIA around the blogosphere lately. This is due mostly to:

1. Lots of Actual Work to do (which is good, I get paid for that and not this).

2. Not much exciting going on in Phillies-land.

Not that nothing’s been going on, the Phillies did sign Danys Baez to a two-year deal. Hmm. After missing the 2008 season following Tommy John surgery, Baez went 4-6 with a 4.02 ERA for Baltimore last season. Reports on the signing like to point out that Baez has closing experience, which could come in handy if Brad Lidge is not ready to start the season following his own elbow surgery. But wait, his last successful season as a closer was back in 2005 with the Rays! In 2006, while splitting time between L.A. and Atlanta, he blew 8 of 17 save opportunities.

<begin sarcasm> Gee, I can’t wait to watch Baez pitch for the Phillies! <end sarcasm>

OK, enough ranting.

A number of weeks ago, Ben of Ben’s Biz Blog asked his readers to send any minor league mascot photos his way. Since mascots are one of my favorite photo subjects at the ballpark, I sent Ben a supply of photos. Apparently, yesterday was a slow day for him, so he decided to use many of them in his post, which you can view here in it’s full glory.

So now the countdown begins. In a mere 63 days I will be winging my way to sunny Florida!

IMG_3147.JPGYes, the hubby and I will be spending a week in the Clearwater/St. Pete area, enjoying the warm (hopefully) weather, and satisfying our baseball withdrawal with some Spring Training!

I don’t know which is worse – the anticipation of Christmas as a child, or the anticipation of Spring Training as an adult! Patience, unfortunately, has never been one of my virtues.



  1. phillies_phollowers

    Wish I could go to Clearwater with ya this year! Looks like my work schedule is not going to allow it as I am taking this next week off for the Phillies cruise. Guess I should not complain though…can’t wait to get outta this cold weather tomorrow!


  2. greg1969

    I can’t imagine why y’all picked up Baez at all. When he pitched in the AL East, he kept getting beaten up for his lunch money. He was one of those guys, whenever he came in to pitch, that I would say “Oh good, HE’S in!” I hope he does better for you guys, but…

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