Adventures in Online Ticket Purchasing

As I mentioned in my last post, the hubby and I are headed to Clearwater in March for some Spring Training! I had anxiously been counting the days until today, when single-game tickets went on sale this morning at 9 am. Since one of the games on our agenda is the March 17th Phillies vs. Yankees game, I needed to be ready to order the moment the tickets went on sale.

The games against the Yankees are always tough to get, because, well, it’s the Yankees. And of course, they are the current World Champs (as if I could forget that). And the 17th is
St. Patrick’s Day, when the Phillies look like this:


Kind of like a team of Christmas elves.

Therefore, of the three games I wanted to purchase, this one was the priority, the one to order first. So I made sure I was all caffeined up, at my computer, credit card in hand, well ahead of 9:00. I decided to at least go as far in the purchasing process as possible ahead of time, so I clicked on the ticket icon and a new window opened up, telling me that only a certain number of customers are allowed access at one time, to make for a more “pleasant” purchasing experience. Hmph. In the meantine, a timer kept counting down until the next time it would refresh. I decided to let it keep going, and a few minutes before 9, I had access!

I entered the quantity, selected the seating location, and got taken to the next screen – the frustrating one with the jumble of letters and numbers you’re supposed to enter before being allowed to actually buy the tickets. After agonizing over whether or not the “W” was capital or lowercase, I had my finger poised to click the moment the clock hit 9:00.

Nine o’clock came, I clicked, and was immediately told that there were no seats available in the level I’d chosen, BUT there were berm tickets available. What!?!? How could the berm be all that was left ALREADY?? Beggars can’t be choosers, so I accepted that option and continued on to the other two games.

The whole time I’m going through this process, the little clock at the top of the page kept ticking away the miniscule amount of time they allow for completing the purchase, or else the tickets are “released”. After all three games were ready to be purchased, I continued to the next step, where I could log in if I was a returning customer, or create a new account. Aack!! What to do?

I’d purchased Spring Training tickets before, but that was three years ago. I didn’t think my account would still be active, and even if it was, what password might I have used? So I chose “create new account”. After entering all the required information and submitting, it told me my email address was already in use! Try again!

By now I only had about 45 seconds left. I tried to go through the process again, using my other email address, but as I was cursing and hyperventilating, time ran out. “Sorry”, the browser told me. A string of profanity that would fry your ears issued forth.

I quickly went back through the whole process, cryptic letter combinations and all, and decided to try what my husband had suggested – my “usual” password. It worked! Hallelujah! I was finally able to exhale, my morning’s work completed.

Only 56 days and counting…



  1. Jane Heller

    THIS is why I call a ticket broker and have him get me the tickets! It’s so stressful to have experiences like you had. But the good news is I’ll get to meet you at that Phillies-Yanks game on 3/17! Prepare to be interviewed by the She-Fan Cam!

  2. xcicix

    Ahhh…that’s got to be annoying. Those order things are supposed to be to protect against robots, but robots are the only ones who can complete them WHY?

  3. rrrt

    Jane – I am definitely looking forward to the 17th, and finally meeting you in person! Gotta make sure I get my hair done before then :-).
    Caroline – Truly annoying. I understand why they have those verification things, but couldn’t they at least make the letters somewhat legible?
    Cat – It sounds like Jane will have her trusty She-Fan Cam with her, so I’m sure our meeting will be captured and posted on her blog for posterity!

  4. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Hey Sue,
    That was funny… “agonizing” about the case of the ‘w’. That made me lol. I hate purchasing spring training tickets. And then the stubhub/ticketmaster prices are ridiculous! I hope to see you down in FL this spring though! 🙂

  5. phillies_phollowers

    The Phillies ticket system is a NIGHTMARE. They give you all of 2 minutes to type in your info, giving you NO time to look for other tickets if you do not like the 1st option. I was going to buy a 6 pack when they came out, but all it would give me is corner outfield, behind the foul pole no matter which games I picked! I gave up. I refuse to sit behind a pole for full price. Did it once last year and it was awful…could not see the whole field, could not take photos….yuck! I will be going to a lot less games this year :O(


  6. raysrenegade

    I actually have a Phillies account number with the team after buying tickets every year for the last three seasons.
    I call the Clearwater Threshers office and they get my tickets and send them to me in the mail.
    I actually got my first set today for the 4/7 and 4/23 Phillies versus Rays contests. Both are about 4 rows off the wall in Section 104 on the First Base side, but I will sit in the berm for about three innings talking to my friends on the Phillies and Rays Bullpens.
    That is the shortcut the team told me to do last season, and I got my tickets reserved, confirmed and on the way in about 6 minutes.
    But, I know I would not be as luck to get seats in Philly.

    Rays Renegade

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