Needlessly Twisted Knickers

If you recall my last post, I had gotten…shall we say…my undergarments into a state of disarray over the salary figures that had been exchanged by the Phillies and Joe Blanton.

And all for naught, as it turns out.

The Phillies and Blanton had reached an agreement on a three-year, $24 million contract extension on Monday, but because Blanton had not yet passed a physical, the arbitration figures had to be filed on Tuesday. So it seems it was more a formality than anything else.

I wish that little part of the story could have been included in the initial reports, so Phillies fans, myself included, could have avoided getting our collective panties in a bunch. Said panties will now need to be carefully extricated, with surgical precision, as demonstrated here:


[Nah, that’s not actually me. It’s Hillary Duff, thanks to, but I don’t think she was upset about Joe Blanton.]

Shane Victorino and Carlos Ruiz have also signed three-year deals. Hmm, a trio of three-year deals. According to Schoolhouse Rock, three “is a magic number.” That’s got to mean something for the coming season. I hope.

In addition to those three, the Phillies and Chad Durbin had previously come to agreement on a one-year deal. That means all four arbitration-eligible Phillies have now signed contracts.

“You say goodbye, and I say hello”

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer had a handy summary of the comings and goings on the Phillies roster since the end of last season. Here’s a recap, not including minor leaguers:

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye…

Pedro Feliz: has signed with Houston – I’ll miss his great glove;
Cliff Lee: yes, I’m still upset about his trade to Seattle;
Eric Bruntlett: signed with Washington – sorry, Eric, I won’t miss your abysmal .171 BA;
Clay Condrey: signed with Minnesota;
Brett Myers: also signed with Houston;
Matt Stairs: signed with San Diego – Matt, your .194 wasn’t much to be proud of, either;
Scott Eyre: decided to retire.

Howdy, partner!

Brian Schneider: a capable backup to Carlos Ruiz;
Placido Polanco: welcome back!
Juan Castro: will help solidify the bench;
Ross Gload: an excellent pinch hitter;
Roy Halladay: Woo hoo! What more can I say than that?
Danys Baez: some bullpen help with closing experience;
Jose Contreras: expected to be a long reliever, with the occasional spot start.

Sitting in limbo…

Chan Ho Park, Pedro Martinez and Paul Bako all remain unsigned free agents.

Speaking of Brett Myers (which I wasn’t really, but I did mention him in the list of departures), does anyone remember when he was young, thin, and had hair? In case you don’t recall, here’s a scan of a photo I recently came across in my albums, from an appearance back in January 2003.

young myers.jpg

Yep, a lot can change in seven years.



  1. raysrenegade

    My favorite Brett Myers moment is still in Spring Training one season when he had Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendricks convinced ( with the help of Philly management) to a Japanese baseball team for Akinori Kobayashi….
    It is still a classic Youtube “Punked” moment.
    Yeah funny what a few years can do to you…..He looks like a young Freddie Garcia there.
    There still is 21 days for some more surprises.

    Rays Renegade

  2. greg1969

    Matt Stairs was a rather key player for you in your 08 title, too bad he did not repeat it in 09. He seemed to be rather good in clutch situations.
    I don’t blame you or any Phillie phan for not being happy in the aftermath of Lee’s departure. I’d be ticked, also. I also think Feliz will be sorely missed on your team.
    Take care, Sue.

  3. irishsoxkid19

    Lee’s departure from the Phillies is something that will stick in your minds for a long time. It’s just one of those things baseball fans can’t explain because unfortunitally, we don’t decide who stays and who goes. Best of luck this upcoming season!!

  4. rrrt

    Renegade – Yeah, I remember that, it was either last year or the year before. I have to imagine Brett was quite the handful as a teenager.
    Greg – I think Stairs needs more playing time than he got last year in Philly to stay sharp at the plate. Will be interesting to see how he does for San Diego this year.
    Jane – Yep, I’m all straightened out. For now.
    Holly – Part of me understands why they made that move, but the other part is ticked off about it. Hopefully Halladay will make us forget all about it. 🙂

  5. xcicix

    Whoa…I can’t believe that’s actually Brett Myers! He’s actually…kind of hot. Which I will disturbingly admit.
    Contreras…well, he had a bad parting with Chicago but he and Garland and Buehrle were the best big three for a while there.

  6. phillies_phollowers

    I am still upset over Lee too! UGH. As for Myers, my favorite moment was at a signing when I asked him to pose for a photo…told him I could never have enough photos of him (he recognized me from many, many other photo ops and may have been wondering why I kept stalking him…lol). He replied with, “I could not agree more,” and proceeded to give me his best Sh*t eating grin :O) I’ll miss him!


  7. rrrt

    Caroline – you’re right, that is a disturbing thought. Thanks for sharing it. 😉
    Jeff – Yeah, he does often look pissed at something or someone. I have another photo from the Phillies Phestival a few years later, where he looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but there, and didn’t even bother taking off his sunglasses (he was not in the sun, either).
    Jenn – So just how many pictures of him DO you have? He does keep things interesting, anyway.

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