Mid-Seventies Phlashback – Man-Perm Alert!

Another slow day baseball-wise, so I’m continuing my fond (or not-so-fond, whichever the case may be) look back in time. I’ve decided to combine 1974 and 1975 into one entry, to speed things along.

By 1974, the price of the Phillies magazine/program had gone up by a whole dime, from 50 cents to 60 cents. Instead of the fun pop-art cover of 1973, we now have something that looks like it could have been created by the semi-talented child of a member of the Phillies’ front office:


Another change from 1973 is the appearance of an advertisement on the front of the magazine. Really, they couldn’t have squeezed this one inside somewhere? I hope the team squeezed mega-bucks out of Gino’s for such prime placement.

Ticket prices for the field boxes have also gone up slightly from 1973, though the terrace and loge boxes actually went down in price. Other seating options remained the same:

Gone is the Phillies Family Album with its delightfully corny photos. Darn! But looking at the player photos is still fun. Mike Schmidt has now decided to grow the mustache that we all are so familiar with:


Judging by this picture, no one told Jim Lonborg it was photo day. He looks like he has a very bad case of bed-head:


According to the accompanying text, Lonborg suffered one of those classic freak injuries, breaking his toe by stubbing it against a hotel bed in Pittsburgh. A good attorney should be able to find a lawsuit in there somewhere. πŸ™‚

The ’74 Phillies were an improvement over the previous season – they finished in third place in the NL East with a 80-82 record. Four of the five primary starters remained the same from 1973, the only change being Ron Schueler in place of Ken Brett. Seven of the eight position players also remained unchanged, with Dave Cash taking over second base from Denny Doyle.

Things continued to look up in 1975. The Phillies would go 86-76 to finish second in the division. Ticket prices remained unchanged, as well as the price of the magazine/program, which was graced by improved artwork:


The cover still contains advertising, this time for the brand-spankin’ new AMC Pacer, everyone’s favorite “fishbowl” car. Lauded at the time as a “car of the future,” it is, in my opinion, one of the ugliest vehicles ever.

1975 saw the arrival of some new faces, such as outfielders Garry Maddox and Jay Johnstone, catcher Johnny Oates, and relief pitcher Tug McGraw. Dick Allen returned to the Phils after a five-year hiatus with several other teams.

1975 also saw the arrival of the regrettable man-perm to the Phillies. This look was sported by not one, not two, but three members of the squad:




I wonder if they ever look back upon this, and think to themselves, “What was I thinking?”

Bad hairdos aside, things would continue to improve for the Phillies, who would win the NL East the next three seasons (1976-1978). Due to unknown reasons, there were no programs from 1976 or 1977 in my husband’s trove of stuff. So next time I’ll jump ahead to 1978.



  1. xcicix

    Ruthven and Schmidt look very similar, hair and all–same toothy fake grin, same mustache…
    Hutton just looks kind of crazy.

  2. greg1969

    I remember AMC/ Jeep! Never drove or rode in one–I am pretty glad of that! I think the Yugo compared in car ugliness, but those were no gems! The first photo of Schmidt looks a lot better, esp. with the ‘stache. Happily, Lonborg did not have that sort of man-perm while with the Red Sox–that would have been slightly blinding! But we had some wacky ‘fros and ‘dos of our own! Hmmm!…
    Thanks! Take care Sue!

  3. raysrenegade

    Love the “Official Car of the Phillies”.
    Driving in one of those cars was like driving in an upside down fish bowl with wheels. Guess the 2010 car will be the Hummer2.
    Hey! Those perms came from hairdressers trying to do body waves in thin hair and the hair rejected the chemicals…….Just saying, some guys did not want man-fros, but we had to dig them until they grew out…………I was a victim of this heinous crime (lol).
    Bell Bottom, hair fro and wide lapels. Yep, I was struttin’ to prom………..NOT!

    Rays Renegade


  4. crzblue2

    This is so much fun. Unfortunately I only have programs from the late 79 on. Back in the days I used to love Steve Carlton even with the attitutude toward the media. I just thought he was great.
    Who is the Dodger in the cover? It can’t be Bobby Welch, he came later. Maybe Burt Hooton? hmm.
    Hey! Chicken and Wafles sound weird but is a good combo. Why not? You can eat Chicken and biscuit . My aunt Nora says I make better waffles but then again she is bias but I do make lots of weekends. I just finished making some with pumpkin and bananas.
    I do remember friends driving the Pacer. Man, that is way back! My first car was a used Pinto hutchback.

  5. rrrt

    Caroline – You’re right, Schmidt and Ruthven do kind of look alike. Kind of scary.
    Greg – The Yugo! I’d forgotten about those! There sure were some baaad cars back then.
    Jane – Glad to provide some amusement for your day!
    Renegade – So you sported a man-perm back in the day? Maybe you should post some in your blog, if you dare. πŸ˜‰
    Emma – Yeah, Sutton must have been a little late to the whole man-perm scene. You’ll have to try to dig up some late 70s/early 80s Dodgers ‘dos for us.

  6. greg1969

    Sue, I got a kick out of your comments to Emma about the chicken and waffles idea at Roscoe’s. I lived in SoCal for 5 years, and my wife convinced me to try it. I was skeptical, but she loves the combo, and she was right–she convinced me! I’d go back to Roscoe’s again were I back in SoCal! πŸ˜‰ Take care, Sue!

  7. rrrt

    Cat – Glad you enjoyed them!
    Jeff – Thanks, I’ve still got 1978 and 1979 coming. Isn’t it amazing how inexpensive tickets were then?
    Greg – I guess if I’m ever in the L.A. area, I’m going to have to try this chicken and waffle combo, seeing how you and Emma both give it the thumbs-up.

  8. rrrt

    Jenn – Scary is right! Thank goodness that look went away.
    welikeroy – Ronald McDonald, yeah he’s pretty scary looking too. Thanks for stopping by!
    Renegade – Now I’m really trying to imagine what this picture looks like! Make it your profile pic for a day (or two…).

  9. philliesredpinstripes

    Ah yes, I remember Gino. Mainly because they use to sell the Colonel’s chicken. πŸ˜‰ They also had good burgers. Man, how I miss them.
    Now I am really sad, since I had the Phillies yearbook from 1972-1982, mainly because I was able to get them from the local MAB paint store.
    Better be careful. I might make you really nastalgic. πŸ˜‰


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