I’m Suffering From Brain Freeze!

I think all of last week’s snow caused a drastic slowdown of my thought processes, as it seems that my wellspring of blog ideas totally dried up, or more likely, froze. See, I knew there was a reason I don’t like to go outside in the snow!

Anyway, while watching a recent episode of Lost, I couldn’t help but notice the baseball on the desk of the Crazy Asian Guy (who later states that his name is Dogen).

lost baseball.jpg

What’s up with that? There are no baseball teams on the mysterious Island. I let my mind wander, as it tends to do.

Any fan of Lost know that the Numbers – 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 – add up to 108. The number 108 is sacred in Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism (Lost is chock full of religious symbolism). A baseball has 108 stitches. And what does all this mean for me, born on September 12? 9 x 12 = 108.


Well, baseball is practically a religion to some people. In fact, God and the Devil have faced off on the baseball diamond.

Well, sort of. Tim Teufel (Teufel = Devil in German) hit his first career home run off of Jim Gott (Gott = God in German). Gott had the upper hand overall, though, as Teufel went 2 for 9 against him in his career, for a .222 average.

Thankfully, today was the first official day for the Phillies’ pitchers and catchers, though quite a few had reported earlier and were already in camp. I hope that now I can look forward to more substantial baseball news on a daily basis, and hopefully begin to thaw out my brain!



  1. raysrenegade

    Maybe it will come out that he is Hideo Nomo and he is on the island working on a return to either the Japanese League or MLB.
    Best thing about “Lost” it could be both!
    Most people say the D-rays versus the Angels used to be a “divine” baseball series, but I digress.
    Maybe the “108” number has a external clue basis into something we all might have missed over the shows long running pace.
    Maybe it will conclude like “St. Elsewhere” where the show was actually set up inside the brain of an autistic child.
    Hollywood does like plot twists and turns.

    Rays Renegade


  2. rrrt

    Cliff – I certainly hope it doesn’t have a “St. Elsewhere”-like ending! I remember watching that show and being so disappointed by that.
    Jane – You know I am counting the days until Florida. I am looking forward to meeting you!
    Emma – Warm thoughs, yes! Maybe I should tape a picture of the beach over my window so I can’t see what’s really outside.
    Mike – I only had German for a year or two in high school, so I don’t remember too much of it, but just enough to understand what you said. Thanks!
    23gonzalez – I’d be more than happy to trade places with you for awhile! The snow is pretty for a little while, but then when it lingers on the ground for weeks, the novelty quickly wears off!

  3. greg1969

    Sue, I found it interesting that you mentioned Boof Bonser on Julia’s site. I had read that Bonser had legally changed his name–and my only thought was “Um, WHY?” But so it is. Interesting, also about your maiden name. 😉 I hope Bonser does well for us, but he never has impressed me.
    Take care, Sue. Thawing out yet?

  4. greg1969

    Sue, it appears you got a little more snow to “help” with your brain freeze? Hmmm…What is this, Round 4 of the snow for you? Or did I lose count?… Take care, Sue!

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