A Weighty Matter

As various media outlets in the Philadelphia region have noted recently, manager Charlie Manuel has slimmed down considerably since he began a diet and exercise program during the 2009 season. This photo from thefightins.com shows the dramatic change in Charlie’s appearance:


Charlie says that his weight loss is due to NutriSystem, but after seeing this photo on the Phillies’ website recently, I think I know what really happened:


Charlie transferred his weight to bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer.

I’m sure the weights listed in the Phillies yearbooks should be taken with a grain of salt (or maybe not, doesn’t salt make one retain water?). Anyway, while Charlie’s weight was gradually shrinking, Mick’s seems to have been growing, from 225 to 275 pounds.

Mick, ask Charlie about the NutriSystem!



  1. rrrt

    Holly – Yeah, makes you think there’s some sort of Law of Conservation of Fat Cells! Fat can be neither created nor destroyed, just moved around. 🙂
    Jane – He DOES look good, doesn’t he? I’ll have to keep it in mind for hubby’s golden years.
    Jeff – Supposedly Howard DID drop more weight this offseason, and is leaner and stronger than ever. I’ll get to see him with my own eyes next month, so I’ll be sure to share my verdict.

  2. crzblue2

    Holy Toledo Sue!
    That is really him! He looks younger! This reminds me when Tommy Lasorda was on the ….what was that? oh yeah slim fast diet and the players got him a shirt saying “Please don’t feed the manager.”
    Hey! I have no problem with what Manny said that this is his last year as a Dodger. I hope someone in the American League will pay him well to be a DH next season that would mean he had a great year for the Dodgers. And next year we will have a good prospect like Kemp or Ethier to take his spot.

  3. raysrenegade

    Just by standing next to Billmeyer he looks 50 pounds lighter.
    Seriously, that is fantastic he lost the weight and he will be a better manager because of it.
    Not that lost weight makes your brain better, but it helps your body react and handle stress and anxious moments better with less restrictions on blood flow.
    Sometimes I think the MLBPA should get an endorsement deal for Coaches and Managers that could help them before, during or after the season stay trim, fit and lean. Not saying which diet system, but as long as it is not the “SEE-Food” diet, where any time you see food, you eat it…It can only be a positive thing for everyone involved, plus will produce better health situation for the Coaches and Managers.

    Rays Renegade


  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    I heard that Matt Stairs shedded some weight this offseason as well! He and Manuel must have been exchanging secrets throughout the season. That, and he must have had pressure to get a San Diego ‘beach body.’ I could also see Manuel strutting down South Beach during Phillies road games against the Marlins. Good for him!

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