Topps? How About T-oops!

Ever wonder how the makers of baseball cards have shots of players with their new teams all ready before the season has even started (and spring training has barely started)?

Well, in the dark ages they used to take head shots of players with their heads tilted up, obscuring the logo on the cap, specifically to simplify the process of airbrushing out the offending team colors and adding the new ones.

Now, with the wonders of Photoshop, Cliff Lee can appear on a Topps Opening Day card, in game action, wearing a Seattle Mariners uniform.

topps oops.jpg

One little problem, though.

The black HK patch that the Phillies wore last season to honor the late Harry Kalas is still visible on Lee’s left side, just above the Mariners logo.

Wow, I didn’t realize Harry was so beloved that even Seattle wanted to honor him! 😉



  1. greg1969

    That is hysterical! T-oops, indeed!
    Enjoy your time at the games in FL. I hope they will be as fun as you anticipate–and hopefully, not too many rainouts! I think they finally got rid of the colder weather down there! 😉
    I’ve enjoyed reading your entries during the off-season. Now that ST and the regular season are about to start, I’ll be around a lot less–perhaps, though, I’ll stop in during InterLeague play. Thanks for interacting with me during the off-season, and I hope Halladay does well for your Phillies! Thanks, Sue, and take care. 🙂

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