Back To Reality

When last I blogged, I was going semi-insane from trying to get everything ready and organized for our trip to Florida for Spring Training. Well, now I’m back. We had a great time, but sadly, our trip had to come to an end, and we had to return home. Though it was sunny most days, it was definitely not as warm as I would have liked! Florida has been having some unusually cool weather so far this spring, and coupled with the steady wind, made sitting in the shade a bit nippy!

Or nipply, as Chevy Chase might say.

I have so much to write about, plus A LOT of photos to sort through. We went to five games, saw lots of great game action, and I even got to meet Jane Heller, and be interviewed on the She-Fan Cam.

But, I have some Actual Work already that I need to do this afternoon, which of course will help to pay for some of the trip expenditures. So once I get a chunk of time, I will be back to compose an entry (or two) with coverage of all our Spring Training fun!




  1. Jane Heller

    Welcome home, Sue. Isn’t it weird to be back in the “real world?” I miss being in Florida and strolling around downtown St. Pete! But it was such fun meeting you and Dan. I hope you liked your She-Fan Cam interview. You were a great sport to submit to the Cam.

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