Thanks, Sports Illustrated

…she says sarcastically.

Popped over to the Zo Zone earlier today, and saw that Sports Illustrated has seen fit to curse honor Roy Halladay on the cover of the Baseball Preview issue.

halladay SI cover.jpg

Need I remind you all of Cole Hamels’ season last year, after his cover appearance in February 2009?

I know, I know, there’s no such thing as curses. Despite Hamels’ subpar 2009, the Phils did still make it to the WS. Nonetheless, couldn’t they have put, oh, Hanley Ramirez on the cover, or Johan Santana, or the Atlanta Braves team? I’d rather play it safe with this curse thing, you know?



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    That SI curse is pretty bad, but if you follow the John Madden football game, that takes the cake. The even tried to use two players last year, Troy Polamulu and Larry Fitzgerald. Polamulu got hurt. Fitzgerald had a down year. The year before that they put a retired player on the cover, Brett Favre, so this couldn’t happen. Favre ending up coming back to football but the Packers didn’t want him.

    Halladay is a curse to hitters himself, so I don’t think that applies here.

  2. rrrt

    Jeremy – I’m sure the whole “curse” thing is one of those self-fulfilling prophecies – if the player gets it in his head that now he’s cursed, well then, he’ll start playing like he’s cursed. Hopefully Halladay won’t let that kind of thing get to him.
    Emma – Oh no, you have a master plan?? I better get working on mine! 😉 As for the covers being different, I saw that Halladay is on nationally, but the smaller photo differs regionally – in the Southeast, Brian McCann is up in the corner.
    Holly – I wonder if anyone’s ever studied the actual effect of being on the cover of SI? How many athletes actually sucked after being there, and how many didn’t – would be interesting to know.
    Jane – You’re right! As long as I put it out of my mind, and Halladay puts it out of his, there is no curse! It’s all in the mind.

  3. rrrt

    Jenn – You and me both. And THEY weren’t even on the cover!

    Orangebird! You had to go and remind me about that – I was trying my best to follow Jane’s advice and put it out of my mind.

  4. Orangebird

    You’re forgetting when Ryan Howard was on the cover for the WS in ’09 and it said “A-Rod+Howard=WORLD SERIES HOME RUN DERBY” So the Phillies aren’t jinx proof.

  5. iliveforthis

    I feel like Sports Illustrated once wrote an article about their curse, and the statistics of players and teams who falter when they’re on the cover. But I don’t remember what it said. Either way, if the curse is real, I have no problem seeing Doc on the cover. I’m glad Cliff Lee is out after the damage he did to us this last season, but I wasn’t too happy to see Doc take his place..

  6. raysrenegade

    There are all kinds of “supposed” curses that are to plague people in 2010, but hopefully they are just superstitious chatter and nothing else.
    But Roy Halladay has been pretty dependable for a long time while he was in Toronto blue, but I do not see the red stripes or red stirrups messing with his mojo at all.
    I actually think he is a small upside to Cliff Lee, but it would have been an awesome rotation if you could have had a Hamels. Lee Halladay 1-3 rotation.
    Can you say massive series sweeps record in Philly.
    But as long as you get Mr “Joe Lunchpail” Blanton back without further ado, Philly should again roll towards another N L East title.

    Rays Renegade

  7. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Haha, Sue I understand what you’re saying about curses. Roy Halladay is the man though. He is going to DOMINATE in the National League. Who knows, he’s so awesome he might just lead the team in home runs too.

  8. greg1969

    Well, Sue, the SI jinx hasn’t hit Halladay yet. Looks like he might stay that way, also. Another CG for Mr. Roy–the 50th of his career, 150th win. Not too shabby. Congrats to Halladay!

  9. theheirloom

    Sue, no need to worry. SI puts out 30 of those covers. Some come out fine; others cursed. Ignore the curse thing…everything will be fine with Doc.

    Oh, and countering the master plan that Emma has – as long as it stays in the NL…

  10. Beeeebzy

    You’re worried about SI cursing Doc??
    They have the Yankees Core Four on the cover this week!!
    If this SI Curse thing is for real (I’m pretty superstitious with baseball, but not enough to believe in curses) then we (the Yankees) are pretty much screwed.

    “Pretty In Pinstripes”

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