Further Proof of a Lack of Proofreading

In my last entry, I pointed out a pair of recent gaffes that could easily have been averted. Well, over the weekend, I found two more.

1) You may recall last year’s “Natinals” uniform screw-up. By complete chance, I stumbled across an additional spelling failure involving the beleaguered Washington franchise. A blog entry from last May describes the “Teddy Rossevelt” bobbleheads that were on sale in the Nationals gift shop. Recalling that I had purchased one of these very same bobbleheads last September during our own visit to Nationals Park, I couldn’t remember noticing anything wrong on the box.

Never fear, I save all the boxes from my bobbleheads. Why? I don’t know, maybe in case I have to pack them all up someday to move or something. Nonetheless, the box was up in my attic with the other boxes, so I retrieved it to check out the name.

At first glance, the label appeared to be spelled correctly. Then I noticed, that this being Washington, a cover-up had been attempted. There was another label underneath! I decided to document it before totally destroying the evidence:

roosevelt.JPGAfter a bit of careful work with my trusty Girl Scout pocketknife (incredibly dull after decades of non-use), the truth was revealed:


No wonder poor Teddy never wins any of the Presidents Races. He’s probably having some sort of identity crisis.

2) While I happily went through the weekend believing the Phillies were in Houston beating up on the Astros, little did I know they were also doing a number on one of America’s wealthiest families:

scan astors.jpg

Thank goodness the Philadelphia Inquirer set me straight!

Better known as the family that gave us the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, I’m pretty sure the Astors have never played baseball.



  1. raysrenegade

    Now you know why I am always blowing the horn for them to be accurate when they blast us for things online.
    Funny how being paid a salary or by word amount can make you less active in proofreading or even using spell check.
    I admit to mistakes, but then again I do this for free and do not even get a free hat from my hometown team during the season.
    Worst thing is I consider the “dumbing of America” to be on going, and unfortunately with spell check, we are getting lazier than ever when it comes to the writing arts.
    *Sign* Guess my Dictionary or Theasarus is the next thing to go extinct.

    Rays Renegade


  2. Jane Heller

    These are absolutely hilarious. Well, except for the fact that nobody proofreads anymore. That’s a sad commentary. With so many companies cutting back on staff, nobody seems to be watching the spelling. You need to fix the situation, Sue. We’re counting on you!


  3. devilabrit

    The spelling errors can be hilarious, the right word right place etc… which made me think of your last one, what if Ben Francisco had been on the Giants team with the error in spelling, would they have got it right on the back and wrong on the front… which leads to me to another questions, has a player ever been on a team where the name on the back is the same as the one on the front… hmmmm

    yes okay i got off track a little….:-)

    Phillies Outside

  4. stonebutch99

    I know the Astros can’t get any respect right now, and they don’t deserve any. I was there for the game on Saturday where I thought we had a real shot to win with Moyer giving up the lead…but anyway, it was nice to have a shred of hope that night. Go Astors! 😉


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