If I Grow It, Will They Come?

Once you sell your soul to the devil give your email address to your favorite team, your inbox is inundated on a daily basis with offers to buy tickets, jerseys, caps, travel packages, World Series gear, Spring Training gear, etc., etc., ad infinitum. A few weeks ago, one popped in that was a bit more curious than the rest:

phillies grass seed copy.jpg

Wow! The very same seeds as those used at Citizens Bank Park! I can grow my own “Field of Dreams”!

The only problem with that plan is that our entire lot is just about half an acre, of which a portion is occupied by our house. I’m pretty sure baseball fields take up a lot more area.

As an alternative, maybe I could grow a little patch to harvest and sell in freeze-dried form, just like the Phillies are doing with their sod:
game used sod copy.jpg

I guess I couldn’t really call it “game-used”, but it would be almost as good, having been grown from the actual grass seed varieties used at Citizens Bank Park! And if I had my kids play on it, it would be game-used, just not the same kind of game the Phillies’ sod was used for.


According to an article on mlb.com, fans of the Red Sox (Fenway Park), Cubs (Wrigley Field), Reds (Great American Ball Park), and Cardinals (Busch Stadium) will also have the opportunity to “grow their own”. Happy harvesting, everyone!


A-Rod Being A-Rod

In this morning’s news, the latest A-Rod incident involved A-Rod running across the pitcher’s mound during last night’s Yankees-A’s game. While returning to first base after a foul ball from Robinson Cano, A-Rod apparently ran across the mound, breaking one of those “unwritten rules” we are always hearing about. A’s pitcher Dallas Braden took offense, and started jawing with A-Rod.

While I’m not going to enter the fray regarding whether he was right or wrong, I couldn’t help wondering about this quote in the coverage:

tasting himself.jpg

Tasting himself??? (underlining added by me) What does that mean??? I’m not sure if it’s some kind of typo, or a slang phrase I’m not familiar with.

All I know is that it’s conjured up a rather unpleasant image in my mind, one I desperately need to get rid of. A good stiff gin and tonic would help with that, but it’s still only 10:49 in the morning. Guess I’m stuck with it a few more hours! 🙂



  1. Jane Heller

    I read that “tasting himself”” thing and had the same reaction you did. I guess we’re just not hip enough to know these expressions – and I’m glad! (Oh, go ahead and have the gin and tonic. You know you want to.)


  2. crzblue2

    LOL Sue! Leave it to you to catch that!
    I have dirt from Vero Beach from the last time the Dodgers were there. I picked it up myself while taking the Women baseball clinic. I also have some from Dodger Stadium. I told a friend to scoop me some.
    Thanks for the email about the linkie thingie. Peter also send me one. Lets see if this works…
    Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World

  3. mattpeas

    people on a Pittsburgh sports talk station were bashing Braden telling him to call down and “know his place amongst baseball” he may have overreacted but he has a point. its like stepping in someone line on the green while golfing

  4. raysfanboy

    I think A-Rod was an entitled jerk in the situation. Almost as if, “It’s just the A’s, who cares, really?” Sounds like a Yankee, for sure.

    I was excited to hear that they have Wrigley Field stuff out there too. I’m certainly tempted…


  5. bklyntrolleyblogger

    LOL This is the kinda “home grown” stuff you can’t even get from Acapulco! Great post. This is the kinds stuff that really cracks me up in the BloggerHood.
    ARod knew what he was doing. He’s was just trying to rattle a rook and he bit back. I thought Braden’s comments, in their entirety, were kinda old school and cool. The situation is a wash as they both had their say. I like the old school gamesmanship at work here. The next series between the two should be fun.

  6. angelsgirl012

    Oh A-rod and the drama he carries with him LOL I understand where Braden is coming from completely although I still think his anger was instigated mostly by the situation at the time more so than A-rod just stepping on his mound. BUT him stepping on the mound really threw him over the edge! Eeps!

    oh dear! I want citizens bank park grass in my front yard 😀 hahaha


  7. devilabrit

    Amazing how the same story gets a different spin at different media outlets, some say Braden over reacted some say Aroid was an ***… I just think Aroid is an ***… as for the sod, I got the same emails.. I’m thinking of getting some and making a small patch off my deck, like you we have a smallish area around an acre… now my father-in-law has enough ground for a whole stadium… hmmm.. lot of bags of seed though.. LOL

    Phillies Outside

  8. Beeeebzy

    It was classless for A-Rod to step on Braden’s rubber, I’ll agree with that, but I doubt it had to do with them being the Athletics as much as it did with A-Rod loving controversy.
    He just has a flair for the dramatic. I think that much is obvious.
    I don’t think A-Rod should have done it, but it was pretty sad for Braden to go on a 10-minute rant about it. He said “If he does it again, there will be repercussions”. Is that a threat? Now I’d like to see it happen again, just to see these “repercussions”. What will Braden do? Rant for 20 minutes?
    I don’t blame A-Rod for “tasting himself”. If my skills made me $30M a year, I’d be pretty in love with myself. As long as “tasting himself” doesn’t mean going back to wearing blueberry lipstick and tasting that, I’m good.

    Also, I wish they sold Yankee Stadium grass. They tried to, but Mets fans kept buying the grass & smoking it to get a whiff of what it feels like to be #1 in New York.

    New to your blog, and I’m liking it. Great gob 🙂

    “Pretty In Pinstripes”

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