After subjecting the fans to a rather uninspiring 4-5 road trip and beginning a weekend series against the freakin’ Mets with a 9-1 loss, the Phillies have thankfully come back to life. A 10-0 complete game shutout from Roy Halladay, followed by a 11-5 thrashing of New York ace Johan Santana, have given me reason for happiness today.

Well, I was basically happy before, but now I’m happier. 🙂

And this week will be a busy baseball week for me. Tomorrow my husband and I will spend a child-free day in the Lehigh Valley, at the IronPigs Education Day game, which starts at 10:35. My own kids will be in school, though there will be many other kids in attendance with numerous school groups. We did this last year, too, and had a great time playing hooky from responsible adulthood for the day.

The next day, I will finally get to my first Phillies game of the season, as my husband and I will be attending the Phillies-Cardinals game with another couple. We will be in really good seats, so I must make sure my camera is all charged up.

And then on Saturday, we’ll be going to the Reading Phillies game, where it is League Day for my son’s baseball league. The teams get to walk around the warning track prior to the game, and there are fireworks afterwards. But what I’m really looking forward to checking out that night is the annual Spam carving contest. From the R-Phils website (circled by me):

spam contest.jpgA plethora of activities, packed into one evening. I’ll definitely try to get some good Spam photos to share with you all.



  1. crzblue2

    Spam contest ha? OK, I can tell you that my brother Vic loves Spam. I think is a guy thing. Have a wonderful baseball week. Boy, you sure mistreated the Mets. What happened to Santana in that game?

  2. raysrenegade

    I like the Spam carving contest.
    But do the eventual loser have to eat their creation?
    Sounds like a great game to attend. Fireworks, mascot band, and also great Phillies baseball.
    Can not wait to see your photo memories of the night.
    Hopefully someone will not try and construct a version of CBP out of Spam…..But I think you will see one.

    Rays Renegade


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