This Is Not Acceptable!

In the seven-game homestand leading up to Monday night’s Phillies lovefest (aka the annual Phillies Phestival), the Phils went a mediocre 3-4, mustering a mere five runs in the four losses. Yet we all came out Monday and dutifully waited in line for autographs and photos with our favorite Phillies, and no one beat any of the players over the head with a bat (though plenty of bats could be seen among the crowd, ostensibly to be signed).

Yet how has our support been rewarded? The Phils have been shut out two nights in a row by the (ugh!) New York Mets.

**UPDATE** make that three in a row (she types with a shudder).

The Phillies have now lost four in a row, three of them shutouts!

**UPDATE** five in a row, four of them shutouts (feeling apoplectic at the moment)

sleeping bats copy.jpg

Someone please wake up this dormant offense! Preferably before tonight’s game! I want to see somebody on fire!

flaming player.jpg

Not literally. Just figuratively speaking.

Speaking of the (ugh!) Mets, could someone explain what is up with freakin’ Rod Barajas? During his single season with the Phils in 2007, he left a less than indelible impression upon the Phaithful. If one were to think of the 2007 team as a single entity, Barajas would have been the superfluous third nipple.

Yet with the 2010 (ugh!) Mets, Barajas has gone 8 for 15 against the Phils, with 3 homeruns and 8 RBIs.

I hate when this happens.

And no, I can’t write the word “Mets” without writing “(ugh!)” first (except in this sentence for the purpose of explanation).



  1. devilabrit

    The Muts could actually lose tonight, I hope… Barajas has for some unexplained reason hit the Phillies well, don’t know why, maybe someone should ding him with a ball, not on purpose, but sort of unintentionally, …… tonights the night, there was no sweep in the foreseeable future, probably jinxed it now, sorry…

    Phillies Outside

  2. rrrt

    Peter – Seems like the start of the game has been delayed by rain. I certainly hope you haven’t jinxed anything!
    Mike – Sorry for all the ugh!-ing, sometimes I just can’t help myself. Hmm, I should have had Billmeyer sign a pair of binoculars!

  3. rrrt

    Jeff – I sure hope you’re right. I can’t take much more of this! And my husband has sworn off watching them (again).

  4. Jane Heller

    I’m with your husband. When the Yankees aren’t scoring, I swear off (and swear) watching them, but always turn on the TV anyway. Can’t help it. It’s just so much more entertaining when they score runs! UGH.

  5. greg1969

    Unfortunately, only a 1-0 score. You still seem to need a few more bats to wake up!
    I’m glad that Halladay isn’t pitching for the Jays! I’m glad we beat him when we did!
    Congratulations again, Halladay! Take care, Sue! 🙂

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