Scoring Drought Ends!!

Just in time for the start of the holiday weekend, the Phillies scoreless streak has ended, as they beat the Marlins 3-2 last night. The Delaware Valley rejoices!! I can begin the three-day weekend with a happy frame of mind.
cartoon-sun.jpgHope you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!



  1. devilabrit

    So I blew it on the sweep thing, but I admitted that even when I did it, but a win is a win even if it was a rain delayed nail bitting game, I was glad to see Contreras save the game, it was more about getting some good hits and scoring at least one run last night, but the win makes it even better…

    Have a great weekend…

    Phillies Outside

  2. greg1969

    Unfortunately, only a 1-0 score. You still seem to need a few more bats to wake up!
    I’m glad that Halladay isn’t pitching for the Jays! I’m glad we beat him when we did!
    Congratulations again, Halladay! Have a great Memorial Day! Take care, Sue! 🙂


    funny how Halladay never had a no hitter in the AL but once he comes to the NL he gets a perfect game two months later 😛 Congrats. Sometimes it seems like the Yanks have a scoreless drought, but the Phillies now is baffling. Still think they’ll pick it up. See you in the World Series XD

  4. Jane Heller

    Sorry for the belated congrats on Halladay’s perfect game. My bad. It’s amazing to me that, with his talent, he hasn’t pitched one before, but he really deserved it. Do you still miss Cliff Lee now? LOL.

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