This Is STILL Not Acceptable!

I seem to have been suffering from premature jubilation in my last post, when I got all happy just because the Phillies finally won a game. The next night, Roy Halladay went out and pitched a perfect game, which of course I’m really happy about, but he almost HAD to be perfect to get the win, because once again the anemic offense only scored one run.

Since then, the Phils have reverted to their dreadfully suckish, suckingly dreadful ways, with the offensive offense spiraling further and further down the drain of ineptitude into a stewing cesspool of baseball bullsh*t.

It’s a good thing I’ve been too busy lately to sit down and write a full-blown rant, because it wouldn’t be pretty. If I see one more inning-ending double-play, I may hurl something at my TV (or maybe just hurl).

After dropping the final game of the series to the Marlins, and then getting swept by the Braves, the Phillies are off tonight. Hallelujah, I’ll celebrate that.



  1. s

    ya knoww, i love the phils, but i just cant take it anymore. the pitching is the best shape this season, but the offense AND defense are very disappointing. cant waiit til tomorrows game. hopefully the day off gives them a little time to calm down and just get back on track. and byy the waay, did u see last nights blown call to kill the perfect gamee? what a shamee. they have instant replay for a reason, why dont they use it?
    More Than Just an Average Phan

  2. Jane Heller

    Sue, was that a pic of you as a little girl? LOL. I feel your rant and I’m glad you restrained yourself from hurling. I wish I knew why really good hitters go cold sometimes, but it happens and they’ll get over it. You’ll see.

  3. rrrt

    Peter – Yes, drastic action. Very drastic.
    Werthbabyyy – Early last season, it was the starting pitching that was atrocious. This year it’s the hitting. If only they could get everything on track all at once! I did see the replay of that blown call. A real shame for Galarraga, but he’s handled it with class so far. Good for him.
    Jane – LOL, no that’s not me. 🙂 But I’m sure I had plenty of moments as a child where I bore a similar expression!

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