Juan Almighty

Phillies team yearbooks never fail to provide sources of amusement for me. There isn’t usually a whole lot of substantive writing in them, but lots of color pictures of the players, along with their answers to a number of banal questions regarding favorite things, places they’d like to visit, and so on.

Last year, we learned that Cole Hamels is a fan of the Twilight series of novels. *snicker, snicker*

This year, one of the questions is “What famous person would you like to trade places with for a day?”

While most of the responses were other athletes or musicians, both John Mayberry Jr. and Carlos Ruiz would like to be President Obama for a day.

Juan Castro, however, is shooting straight for the top.

castro scan0001.jpgHe’d like to be God.

Of course, this begs the question of what would he do with his God-powers for one day? Perhaps heal all the Phillies that are on the DL?

Or, seeing how he has since been released by the Phillies after batting an uninspiring .198 in 54 games, maybe he should start by upgrading his own baseball skills.

(page scanned from Philadelphia Phillies 2010 Yearbook)



  1. uwfootball1

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  2. devilabrit

    I’m guessing he watched one or both of the ‘? – ALMIGHTY’ movies right before being asked this question and maybe he thought it would be funny…. alternatively he could just really want to be a backward ‘DOG’


    Phillies Outside

  3. raysrenegade

    Wow! Juan Castro definitely went for it with that pick. But then again, if a pitcher could be God for a day, every one would be throwing Perfecto for 24 hours.
    And your idea of him healing the sick and wounded among the Phillies is great, but if he walked along the Philly streets and did the same for the public for that one day…I would reccomend him for Sainthood.
    GFreat piece, and nice placement on the front page today…..Keep the Phillie Phaith strong, there is still time to topple those Braves!

    Rays Renegade


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