Who Is This Man, and What Does He Have Against Ryan Howard?

ump with attitude.jpgThat man is Scott Barry, who was the third-base umpire in last night’s Phillies-Astros game.

I hadn’t watched the first nine innings of the game, having been occupied with other things. Once again, the Phils gave Cole Hamels very little run support, though they did actually score one run for him, which was better than the previous 25 innings Hamels had pitched. But then Jimmy Rollins tied things up with a ninth inning homer.

As the kids were finally heading to bed, I turned on the TV to see if the game was still on. It was, in extra innings with the score tied 2-2.

So instead of sitting down to write a blog entry, which had been my plan, I ended up watching the 11th inning, and then the 12th inning, and so on, until finally it was the bottom of the 14th. With two outs and runners on first and second, Howard came to the plate. Mind you, he’s been absolutely sucktastic since coming off the DL, but I suppose it takes a while to get back in a groove.

Anyway, Barry rules that he went around on a check swing for strike two. It was close, but he probably did. Howard looked upset, as much at himself as at Barry. Barry, however, pulled an attitude, glaring at Howard with his hands on his hips (see above). After a pitch in the dirt moved the runners to second and third, and brought the count to 1-2, another checked swing was ruled a strike by Barry, ending the inning. 

checked swing.jpgThis one wasn’t even close. It was so obviously NOT a swing (watch the replay, and decide for yourself). Howard flipped his bat, and Barry tossed him.

Ultimately, the Phils ended up losing 4-2 in 16 innings.

OK, so it’s not like this play directly lost the game, but with a runner on third, any base hit would have scored the winning run. Secondly, the Phils were out of position players, so Roy Oswalt ended up in left field, with Ibanez moving to first.

What annoyed me, in addition to Barry copping an attitude on the field, is that it turns out he’s not even (some would say) a “real” umpire, rather he’s a minor-league replacement ump! He hasn’t earned the right to have an attitude yet!

Next time, someone please toss him out of the game! Or at least send him back to triple-A!



  1. devilabrit

    What a game 2… if game 1’s loss due to umpire call wasn’t enough, the guy from t-ball has to act like a high school kid with Howard, he should be disciplined for sure and ultimately the reason we lost again… lets hope Halladay can be supported with runs..


    Phillies Outside

  2. cwubbenh@yahoo.com

    Open Letter to Commissioner Bud Selig

    Having watched the Phillies game with the Astros Tuesday evening, I have to comment on the horrible umpiring of the game. One umpire in particular, Scott Barry, is a disgrace to MLB and umpires. The guy thinks he is the game. He is not the game he is there to make calls. If a player disagrees he needs to listen and not be confrontational and immediately throw the player out as he now as done twice in recent weeks. Giving rise to speculation that he is actually an Atlanta Brave fan since the two guys he threw out were stars of their teams. In the case of Ryan Zimmerman when they were playing the Braves.

    The guy had an attitude when Ryan Howard reacted to the first questionable called strike by the third base umpire. Glaring at Ryan for challenging the KING‘s call. After the second questionable call he immediately threw Ryan Howard out of the game. And circumstances in the game resulted in the Phillies have to put Roy Oswalt in left field since the Phils were out of position players. As you will agree umpires should not determine the outcome of games.

    Scott Barry needs to be punished/penalized/reprimanded sent back to the minor leagues immediately for the integrity of the game.



    Clifford C. Wubbenhorst

  3. raysrenegade

    There is a growing epidemic in baseball where for some reason if a Manager even attempts to argue or discuss a call, there seems to be a retaliation call or “missed” call soon following it.
    I remember during a Tuesday night Rays vs. Angels game Rays Manager Joe Maddon got ejected when he argued a second base call on a stolen base by Evan Longoria. The next day during the afternoon game, this same Umpire made a questionable call and then peeked into the dugout to see if Maddon was going to come out.
    That motion right there shows a pre-meditation by the Umpire in question to provide a controversy, and that is a crying shame. The guys who are brought in to control the pace and rules of the game are acting like outlaws in the Wild West and making their own justification up as they go alone….This has to stop before a meaningful game is ruined by a blatant retaliation move…

    Rays Renegade


  4. hooksfan

    After looking at the video I would say that it was a strike. All he had to do was break the plane. If Ryan Howard disagreed with the call he should have left it to his manager to argue the call. Throwing your bat or helmet will get you tossed and Howard knew it…they don’t tolerate it in the Minors and sure will not tolerate it in the Majors. All Ryan Howard accomplished was hurt his team.


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