Summer Recap 2: Random Photos

Before I get into the random photos portion of this blog entry, I must note that today is the first day of school for my offspring. I’m ecstatic; they’re not. I need to pause to celebrate.

<gets up and does a little dance>

I’ll actually be able to compose this entry without being interrupted umpteen times. 🙂

In no particular order, then, here are some of my favorite summer baseball photos:


diggity army.jpg
Baseball and hot dogs – a classic, timeless combination. An army of Diggitys stands ready for battle in the Lehigh Valley IronPigs clubhouse store.


Speaking of clubhouse stores, one of the oddest items I’ve seen was at the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ store. The Blue Rocks have two popular mascots, Rocky Bluewinkle and Mr. Celery:

bluewinkle celery cross.jpg
I’m not sure what celery has to do with baseball, but nonetheless a large stalk of celery runs onto the field to celebrate after every run scored by the Blue Rocks. This, however, is apparently what would be created should these two ever be able to mate:

My daughter had to buy it, and she calls it “Rocky Celwinkle”. Since both Rocky and Mr. Celery are ostensibly male, I’m not sure how this would actually occur.



out at first.jpg
In Reading Phillies game action, this Trenton Thunder baserunner is out at first by a step, as R-Phils first-baseman Matt Rizzotti makes the play. Rizzotti finished up the season at triple-A Lehigh Valley.


ball comparison.jpg
“My ball is bigger than yours!” Members of the Wilmington Blue Rocks bullpen seem to be comparing sizes. This photo just screams out for some sort of suggestive caption. Send me your best – if it makes me laugh I’ll put it in my next entry.


july hamels.jpg
Cole Hamels has been pitching really well lately, though you wouldn’t know it from his 9-10 record. In July, I took my daughter to the last game before the All-Star break, and saw Cole get a 1-0 victory over the Reds.

**Note to Phillies offense: Please give Cole some run support!**


phanatic attack.jpg
Attack of the 50-foot Phanatic!!


brush that plate.jpg
Rocky Bluewinkle makes sure that home plate is sparkling white, though I’m not sure if it’s minty fresh.


fix those pants.jpg
After a head-first slide into third with a triple, Blue Rocks infielder Rey Navarro needs to make a few, um, adjustments.


summer baseball.jpg
Most of my summer baseball viewing was spent not on the Phillies or any other professional team, but on my son’s team. This was the first year he tried out for a summer team, and let’s just say it’s quite a time commitment. After a brief respite during August, it’s back to baseball as he has decided to play fall ball and forego football this year.

Which is OK with me.

(all photos by me)



  1. phillies_phollowers

    Your son has good form :O) Great photos…love the toothbrush at home plate. As for school, I’d have been thrilled to start this week. Been back 2 weeks already and just over a week for the kids. Sucks starting that early! But the kids having something to do is better than hearing “I’m bored!” all day ;o)


  2. rrrt

    Jenn – Wow, your school starts early! I know what you mean about the chorus of “I’m bored”; heard it all summer!
    Emma – You should definitely try to get to some of the minor league parks next year – unfortunately most of them are now done for the season unless they made playoffs. All kinds of fun stuff going on, and not nearly as crowded. Looks like there are several within driving distance of LA.
    Mike – The toothbrush seems pretty popular – they also have one in Reading, though instead of one of the mascots, there is an actual “tooth fairy” that walks/skips around the bases. I’d guess it’s one of the female interns, wearing an embarrassing outfit complete with pink fairy wings. I’ll have to try to get a picture of it next season!

  3. devilabrit

    Your daughter seems to have that..’ do I have to Mom ‘ look on her face and your son is obviously go the right goals in mind…

    the photo caption, I’d have to go with..
    “I hear they have flood lights in the big leagues, not these luminous balls for night games”


    Phillies Outside

  4. rrrt

    Jane – If only he were a lefty! Oddly enough, he writes lefthanded, but plays sports righthanded.
    Peter – Yes, it’s a bit of the “do I have to” look, combined with the sun shining in her eyes.
    Jeff – I’m sure your captions are hilarious! I guess they’d probably get asterisked out by the blog filter – darn!

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I TOOK THAT SAME PICTURE of the little weenies in the gift shop!!! I went during 4th July weekend. I was taking pics of everything…they finally stopped me; told me I wasn’t allowed. By then I had at least 60 pics. I do it everywhere I go! LOL Wait till my wife hears I’m not the only psycho taking pictures of stuffed animals in the gift shop!

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