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Thumbnail image for really bad mood.jpg[words cannot begin to convey the author’s current level of foulness – plug your ears and stay out of her path until further notice]



  1. greg1969

    Sorry about the Phillies– the Bad Mood Alert may extend to a hangover, at least until P & C’s. I hope things look up a little during the off-season.
    As for my Red Sox, which you referenced earlier, between our lack of optimism (on the part of many of us, anyway) at the beginning of the year, and the landslide of injuries we had early in the year, we were not expecting too much this year (our GM referenced 2010 being a “bridge year– whatever THAT meant…). So, we were pleased enough with our year, and that we were able to be AL East “spoilers”, if nothing else. We’ll see if 2011 is any better. I doubt it, though…
    Take care, Sue!

  2. mattpeas

    Sue, as upset as you are i wont come bragging too much. in my opinion im happy as a baseball fan to see the phils go down. i enjoy these fresh faces. plus the phils have rued me for far too long. but its fans like you that i have the upmost respect for and wish you well in the offseason!

    Philly will no doubt rise again

  3. kaiserthegreat

    I like the drawing idea, maybe I’ll try that in future posts. Hopefully mine will involve happier faces, though.

  4. kaiserthegreat

    I like the drawing idea, maybe I’ll try that in future posts. Hopefully mine will involve happier faces, though.

  5. rrrt

    Jane – We can definitely feel each other’s pain right now. At least if I watch any of the WS, I can do so stress-free.
    Emma – If it was up to me, the Phils would have beaten the “Jints” for you. However, they did not listen to me….
    Greg – Thanks for stopping by! I don’t think I’ll have too much of a hangover; my bad moods usually only last a day or two (I just haven’t had a chance to post a new entry yet). πŸ™‚
    Matt – Thanks for the well-wishes! The Phils should contend again next year, and I have to think that the Pirates should soon, too. They have a great young core of players that should be hitting their stride the next few seasons.
    Kaiser – As painful as it is to admit, your team played better and deserved to win (though I just can’t like Cody Ross). Yes, try a drawing – they’re fun! Putting a bad mood on paper kind of helps get it out of you. Or a good mood. Time will tell. πŸ™‚

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