Cast Your Vote!

This image best represents which of the following options?

pumpkin puke.jpga) The way I felt after eating too much leftover Halloween candy. [must remember to buy stuff I don’t like]

b) My reaction when the team of castoffs, oops, femininely-named, uh, thong-wearing, no, girlie-haired, I mean, San Francisco Giants won the World Series. [let’s hope the “rally thong” is NOT among the items that will be heading to the HOF’s World Series display]

c) Many Phillies phans’ reaction to the news that Davey Lopes will not be returning next season, due to the fact that he and the team could not agree on terms of his salary. [bad move by the Phillies! Davey’s impact on the success of the running game was HUGE!]

d) What happened when I accidentally caught a whiff of my son’s socks. [it was BAD! like something had died in there]

e) All of the above!



  1. crzblue2

    LOL Sue! perfect title! And please! no rally thong at the HOF. I would throw up like the pumpkin. As it is I wanna. I am alergic to all that orange.
    I hope Lopes comes our way! Would love to have our longest infield guys back. Cey and Garvey have been part of the Dodger organization making appearances on the team’s behalf.

  2. raysrenegade

    I think this poll is obviously targeted to push us towards “All the Above”.
    I was surprised that the Phillies did not reward Davey Lopes with a little extra cabbage, but we all know he will land on his feet with a MLB squad somewhere this Spring.
    I actually bought the kind of candy I can not eat in large supply just so I did not have to worry about the old belly.
    But I did buy a big bag of M&M’s with peanuts in mini packs as a precursor to sampling some of the kid’s candy.
    Funny how Burrell got his “wish” to get another Woirld Series ring and it happned in another west coast “Bay” area.

    Rays Renegade

  3. rrrt

    Jenn – You got it! Sorry there’s no prize, though. 🙂
    Emma – I hope the rally thong gets burned. It’s probably even smellier than my son’s socks!
    Renegade – I think the Phillies made a mistake letting Lopes leave. He should be able to get picked up by another team; his impact on the running game for the Phils was valuable.
    Jane – The socks were pretty gross! For the record, that is actually our pumpkin, not some random pumpkin from the internet.

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