Cast Your Vote Again!

Been pretty busy this week with work and dog adoption. Yes, we’ve adopted a dog. The kids have been wanting one for awhile, but we’d always managed to put it off. This fall, as motivation for field hockey, we told our daughter that if she scored a goal, we would get a dog. We figured we were pretty safe, as she hadn’t scored any goals at all in three prior seasons. Never even come close.

But then she scored one in the last game of the season.

I wasn’t planning on counting an “unofficial” one from a game or two earlier, but this was an honest-to-goodness goal. So we have a new addition – a 2 1/2 year old female springer spaniel mix named Maggie. So far, so good…

[I’ll have to try to get a good photo of her to post]

As for voting again, Jane Heller has nominated her She-Fan Cam video of me from Spring Training for one of her She-Fan Video Awards! No actual prize, just the thrill of victory to the winner. So please stop by her blog, and leave a comment to cast your vote for me.



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