Grab A Six-pack Of Heineys!


heineken six pack.jpgHmm, maybe later.

Actually, I had a different kind of heiney in mind. πŸ˜‰

[men, you may want to stop reading now]

Ladies, just how well do you know your Phillies? See if you can identify this six-pack of heineys (with some tiny hints thrown in)!


perfect butt.JPG                                                             a Perfect butt



prognosticating butt.JPG
                                                         prognosticating butt



tinseltown butt.JPG
                                                               Tinseltown butt



big piece of butt.JPG
                                                            a Big Piece of butt



butt of gold.JPG
                                                               butt of Gold



the man the butt.JPG
The Man, The Butt


So, how many can you identify? And which is your favorite? Enjoy! I’ll be working on another six-pack in a few days or so.

(all photos by me – hey, I have a really big lens!)



    Halladay, Rollins, Hamels , Howard, Victorino, and Chase Mother F–king Utley…

    Hamels and Utley (who by the way has the most perfect *** in all of MLB)

  2. rrrt

    Jane, I have been so busy with other stuff lately that I have not had time to be bored! I’ve just never been one to get into all the Hot Stove talk – don’t want to waste my mental energies getting all worked up about stuff totally beyond my control. So it’s something just for fun. πŸ™‚


    First of all, love this entry! πŸ™‚

    Second, I would have thought I’d know them better, but… it was harder than I thought. :0 My guesses are:
    Perfect = Halladay, Prognosticating = Rollins, Tinseltown = Hamels?, Big Piece = Howard?, Gold = Victorino, Man/Butt = Utley (the snuff can gave it away, lol!).

    And did you take the last 3 pics when you were at the game with us? The angle seems familiar. πŸ˜‰

  4. rrrt

    I’ll forgive Jane for not knowing the butts (she is a Yankees fan, after all), but the rest of you gals definitely know your Phillies well! Congrats!

  5. rrrt

    Emma, your comment snuck in there right as I was posting mine. As with Jane, it’s understandable you wouldn’t know Phillie butts too well; I probably wouldn’t recognize Dodger butts, either. But they’re still fun to look at, right? πŸ˜‰

  6. philliesoutside

    Too funny, glad to see the Phemale Phillie Phans all seemed to get it right… now if I did a similar one with the ball girls how many guys would get that right….

    And yes Sue, I am trying to migrate my blog, but have issues at the moment which the tech team are assisting with, since I seem to be locked out of my new blog home….
    and to answer your question I have had ‘Devilabrit’ for a good number of years now, from around the late 80’s, it was kind of given to me by some other techie guys I worked with at the time….

    Hopefully my blog will be fixed by next week… fingers crossed..


    Phillies Outside

  7. rrrt

    Sorry about that, Jeff! I hope your retinas didn’t get scorched. I did warn you menfolk when to stop reading, though… πŸ™‚

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