He’s Got Big Balls

Well, a big ball.

big ball.jpgSaw this photo about a week or so ago, and for the rest of the day had that old 70’s-era AC/DC song stuck in my head. Did you know that none of their songs are available for purchase on iTunes? Annoying but true. They apparently believe that their albums are works of art meant to be heard in their entirety, and that if they allowed them to be sold on iTunes, people would pick and choose just the songs they wanted. Well, duh! Of course we would! There are some artists I could understand that argument from, but AC/DC is not one of them.

But back to the ball.

I didn’t even know Rawlings made them this big. I suppose the larger size does confer certain benefits – more room for autographs, easier to sign a really long name like Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

But how do you display it? It won’t fit in those little plastic cubes. And it’s not exactly the handiest thing to carry around with you – it would be a bit difficult to stow that baby in your pocket.

After yesterday’s off day, the Phils host the Mets tonight, so tomorrow I should (hopefully) have something more substantive to ramble about. 🙂



  1. Catherine

    They sell tennis balls that size at the U.S. Open, and I have three of them filled with autographs. I used to let them roll around my room, but I stopped doing that when my friends started sitting on them and fading the signatures.

  2. blithescribe

    Come on everyone, sing it with me: And that guy’s got the biggest ball of them all! Too funny, about that ball and about AC/DC. I like them fine and own a few albums, but no one should be forced to listen to Beating Around the Bush (yes, I’m afraid so) just to own Highway to Hell, LOL.
    This is a very simple game…

  3. rrrt

    Mike – Oh, I think AC/DC rocks too (at least their earlier albums, not too familiar with more recent stuff), but I just wish I could buy the song I want!
    Jenn – Yeah, I forgot they make big cubes, too.
    Catherine – So you have big fuzzy balls. 😉 And you need to tell your friends to stop sitting on your balls!
    Kristen – My point exactly!

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