Not A Trivial Mistake

Last year, we had one of those page-a-day calendars, chock full of Phillies trivia, sitting on the windowsill above our kitchen sink. I think somebody had given it to us as a Christmas gift the previous year.

During periods of time when things get busy and hectic, I tend to forget to rip off the pages each day, and end up with a backlog of a week or two to tear off all at once. And so it was at the end of December, what with the holidays and the related holiday shopping, decorating, eating, etc. Still, I would read each page as I tore it off to catch up, hoping to fill my mind with yet more useless knowledge.

And there, on the page for December 15, I found this:

Huh??? Well, the answer is right, but the question is all wrong!

Obviously, the people who wrote the questions for the calendar were not Phillies fans, or they would have known that Eric Hinske struck out swinging to end any hopes the Rays had in 2008. The last time Carl Crawford had been anywhere near the plate was in the top of the 8th, when he led off with a single.

So how do they mess this stuff up? It’s not some obscure thing from the dawn of time, er, the 1900’s. It was only three years prior. Now I’m wondering about the veracity of the information for the other 364 days of the year. Thankfully, no one gave us one of these for this year, so my mind will not be led astray with misinformation.

Then again, mistakes like this provide more grist for this blog. 🙂



  1. Red State Blue State

    Yeah, that’s a big time fail. How did they editors of the calendar not check their stats? Ugh. Maybe I can get one that rewrites the 1985 World Series so that Don Denkinger is sick during Game 6…

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