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The Power of the Doll

In my last post, I threatened to inflict Hairy Eaps upon Brad Lidge by using my typographically challenged voodoo doll, unless he straightened himself out and stopped blowing saves.

hairyeaps.jpgWell, since then, he is two-for-two in save opportunities, with nary a baserunner allowed.

The threat worked!

So I got to thinking, maybe the threat of Hinnis Eebow would be enough to kick-start the Phillies’ recently anemic offense.


And in fact, since voicing this thought at dinnertime (when the Phils were losing 1-0 to the Giants), they have managed to eke out two runs.

OK, it’s a start. How about adding a few more? You don’t want to know what else the doll can give you!

[post-game update: make that three-for-three for Brad, though this time he allowed a single and a walk, and two (!) stolen bases, while saving the 2-1 victory for the Phillies]