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Further Proof of a Lack of Proofreading

In my last entry, I pointed out a pair of recent gaffes that could easily have been averted. Well, over the weekend, I found two more.

1) You may recall last year’s “Natinals” uniform screw-up. By complete chance, I stumbled across an additional spelling failure involving the beleaguered Washington franchise. A blog entry from last May describes the “Teddy Rossevelt” bobbleheads that were on sale in the Nationals gift shop. Recalling that I had purchased one of these very same bobbleheads last September during our own visit to Nationals Park, I couldn’t remember noticing anything wrong on the box.

Never fear, I save all the boxes from my bobbleheads. Why? I don’t know, maybe in case I have to pack them all up someday to move or something. Nonetheless, the box was up in my attic with the other boxes, so I retrieved it to check out the name.

At first glance, the label appeared to be spelled correctly. Then I noticed, that this being Washington, a cover-up had been attempted. There was another label underneath! I decided to document it before totally destroying the evidence:

roosevelt.JPGAfter a bit of careful work with my trusty Girl Scout pocketknife (incredibly dull after decades of non-use), the truth was revealed:


No wonder poor Teddy never wins any of the Presidents Races. He’s probably having some sort of identity crisis.

2) While I happily went through the weekend believing the Phillies were in Houston beating up on the Astros, little did I know they were also doing a number on one of America’s wealthiest families:

scan astors.jpg

Thank goodness the Philadelphia Inquirer set me straight!

Better known as the family that gave us the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, I’m pretty sure the Astors have never played baseball.