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Words Fail Me

Family-friendly words, that is. Words that are unfit for public viewing, that would scorch your retinas, are definitely NOT failing me at the moment – not last night, and not today.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will have to rely on my handy alter-ego from last year’s NLCS disaster to convey my true feelings about last night’s display of utter crapitude:


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming To Bring You This Important Announcement

bad mood cloud.jpgA system of severe foul humor that has stalled in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania is currently intensifying. Due to the increasing threat of frequent outbursts of vitriol, this blog entry is postponed until further notice.

***UPDATED FORECAST: The latest data show the system weakening slightly, and moving away from the Philadelphia region. However, there is a chance the system may re-intensify over the weekend. Be on the alert!***


[I couldn’t find a web image that conveyed the look I had in mind, so I had to draw my own. Admittedly, this borrows heavily from Jim Benton’s Franny K. Stein character.]